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No not the Australian criminal with the ever so tasteful tattoo's.


But I have made myself a chopper at home in Blighty and am now wondering if I can bring it with us?

Anyone shipped a motorcycle over?


Is it easier to disassemble and just bring over a box of parts and reassemble when you get to Australia?


Does the bike need to be checked over by an examiner? what does he look for?

What's a road worthy test in NSW like?

Any one got a link to the road worthy test book so I can find out exactly what they check?



My bike is heavily modified and complies to English law, Mot's are not a problem because I know what they look for and what they can fail it on.

So it is a 1981 hardtail chopper, running a xs650 power plant, Cole foster tank, biltwell bars and seat, a ribbed rear fender side mount plate, no chain guard or front fender (smoothed off the forks). Oh and straight through shotgun pipes.


Would this pass a roadworthy test?

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I don't know but I had a laugh when I read the line about importing it. I thought you were referring to a helicopter (which we always called choppers), and I did wonder if anyone would be able to respond, as I don't think I have ever read a post about someone trying to import a helicopter. I was also going to congratulate you on managing to build your own as I can imagine that would be very difficult! :biggrin:


Sorry I can't help, but thanks for the laugh!

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