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help on self employed plasteres

Guest debs

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looking into putting our papers in to emigrate to brisbane, my husbands a plasterer and we have 3 children, 10, 9, and 5. paul (husband) and i (debbie) lived and travelled (for 2 years) australia about 16 years ago and always intended to apply for visa and go back but families and friends back here held us back. have now decided to live our dream but i am finding it hard to explain to family why we are taking their grandchildren away, can anyone offer any help?


we have contacted an agent and can apply for a 138 visa as plasterers are currently in high demand but paul is self employed, and has been for 20 years - does anyone have any info on what sort of things we will need to produce for proof of work history and if it is best to apply through an agent or diy?


Many thanks



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Guest heather

There is a good article about plasterers on http://www.britishexpats.com which would be worth reading. Your hubby needs to get his skill recognised with the TRA.




My partner is self employed and has had to go back 15 years to get references. It is not difficult just time consuming. An agent cannot do this for you. You have to get all the info from trade references and customers who your hubby has done jobs for. The info you need to get is on the TRA web site. Print it off so you can go through it all. If you have a couple of grand to spare plus all the TRA & immigration fees to spare I would use an agent, but I have not found it difficult, just time consuming reading through everything. Good luck

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Hi Debbie,


We are also in the process of applying and have just got back a successful TRA assessment, I have to say we could never have done it without an agent, I would never have written as much as they told us to and I personally feel the £1200 we have paid them is money well spent. Having said that many people have done it successfully on their own. You really need to spend time getting every bit of information you can for the TRA.


We too are finally going to live our dream in Perth, and we finally broke the news to the inlaws at the weekend as my husband wouldn't tell them till we got our TRA back, they were not too happy to begin with but we explained we had to do what we felt was best for us as a family. Australia offers the kind of lifestyle we want and we are lucky to have the chance to be able to apply. We told them it is only a day away and with cheap phone calls and the internet Australia is much closer than it used to be. My father in law is even now thinking of getting into the modern age and getting a computer and web cam.


Good Luck.


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