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  1. Hi guys, please bear with me as I'm on my phone and it's totally crap. I've tried to write this for the last 3 days lol Angie that's great that you're getting organised, I'm still in the same situation I was in a few weeks ago. The only thing that's changed is the amount of ones going now (they keep changing their minds!) Now I'm gonna have to gut the house completely so we can rent it out...oh the hassle! To the OP sorry can't comment on Brissie but Perth is a pretty quiet place and very family orientated so if you're looking for lots of excitement/citylife I'd give it a miss lol Oh we cancelled our internet pAckage, hence the phone so now all my kids hAve went into mourning lol
  2. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step..... Just had another quote from Pickfords for a suite consisting of a 3 & 2 seater with ottoman and 9 boxes for £1000, the only thing that's putting me off is the 10-14 weeks it takes to get there! What has everyone else's time frames been for shipping??
  3. Hi oz2014...I've been checking Skyscanner for flights, they seem the most reasonable so far. Have you set a date for going yet?
  4. Stress??? What's that now?? lol.....Can't believe we're actually doing it all again too! Money's definately tighter this time around but what we lack in that we've gained experience....and what an experience it'll be haha! Removals didn't get back to me today but I got a few other wee bits and pieces done so not too bad. Back to work tomoro so that's me unable to do very much until the beginning of next week, might shove a few things into some packing boxes which are spread about the house! Who did you get your rental in Clarkson through? We're gonna stay with my sister till we get a rental, not that I want to go back to Ellenbrook but needs must on this occasion I'm afraid. Probably asked this before but what do you and your hubby work at? Have you got any jobs lined up for when you get over there? We were thinking of getting the train down to Dublin, I was looking at Translink's website and if I've read it right you can get 4 of us to Dublin for around £35 (Webfare) as long as you book it at least 72 hrs in advance...have you seen it? I'll get the wine an 'Pure Blondes' on ice for your arrival....reckon you'll need it lol
  5. Hi there Well I've been trying to get things moving and have decided to do one thing at a time because I'm just pickling my brain with too much! Phoned the removals for another quote so they're getting back to me tomorrow...got my car sorted ready to sell...cleared the garage out...BIG THING!! Wrote another 3 lists (Angie you know where I'm coming from on that one) of what we're taking and not and what we need to buy when we get there, which is a lot! Still planning for the end of Sept haha it's gonna be mad (or I am!) Been pricing flights...around £520 one way from Dublin......Looking at rentals in around Craigie/Edgewater/Duncraig direction so if anyone knows anything about high schools near there it would be much appreciated...I really need to be near a school! So I reckon that's enough for the 2 days I got of work lol....need wine.......Oh and I stopped smokiing!!! 2 weeks tomorrow...Go Me!
  6. God it's like reading my own thoughts when you write lol I would really like to go SoR this time around too but I don't know about the work down there so gonna head north first and see what happens. Did you ever stay down in the Atrium in Mandurah??? Daughter is still doing her driving lessons too but I think she's gonna stay here and finish her college course so is the other son till around Xmas...so it'll only be the younger 2 boys heading out first with us. It's sort of good in a way, means I don't have to gut the house and private rent it, although it could end up in a worse state with those 2 living in it haha. I just wish my fairy godmother would come in and sort it all out for me...think I'm over it this time around, maybe it's my age or just knowing what lies ahead lol
  7. Hi Angie..We have priced tickets also from Dublin and as you say it really is alot cheaper!! Haven't sorted a rental yet, did you? And whereabouts if you did? You've gave me a wee boost now...your excitement's catching lol
  8. Hey there BM...We got our medicals done in Coleraine but it was a few years back now, wasn't a private doctor either, then went to the hospital up there for the x-rays. It was pretty resonable too at around £460 for 6 of us but as I say it was years ago....
  9. Hi everyone...haven't been on for awhile, work has taken over my life at the minute! Just wondering how you're all getting on and has anyone got any further with their big move??? We seem to have been stuck in a rut this last while but have decided in August that it's all systems go...need a kick up the a**e really............ So lets hear your latest and hopefully it'll inspire me to pull my finger out!!
  10. Shaz

    Need somewhere to stay - urgent

    I felt absolutely gutted when I first read this thread, speaking from personal experience I know how things can take a turn for the worse when you are away from home. The generosity and kindness of people on this site brought tears to my eyes and I really really hope things work out for you. If we were there now my OH said he would try and get you some work with him but unfortunately we'll not be there for another few months yet but I feel you will be well sorted by then thanks to some special people, my fingers are crossed for you. Good Luck....&......Stay Strong x
  11. Shaz


    I've noticed the ads in the west have decreased slightly (for plasterers) maybe due to the winter months, OH and son are White Setter's and hoping to be back out there around Sept, although I reckon if he got a job offer he'd be away tomorrow lol
  12. Shaz


    I'm hoping that with the brickies getting lots of work that I'm guessing the plasterers coming behind them also have loads???
  13. Shaz

    Postal Charges

    Hi all, My mum who's in Perth has sent my daughter a piece of jewellery (a bangle) for her birthday. I recieved a letter from Royal Mail saying that there is a Customs Charge for it and a Royal Mail handling fee, altogether has come to £25! My mum paid $18 postage and filled in all the customs requirements when she sent it. Can anyone shed some light on this? I just think it's all a bit much for what it is....:confused: Thanks
  14. Hi Diana...we're actually still in the UK, hopefully heading back within the next few months, OH has got some work on at the minute so it's save save save! Our kids are 18, 15 & 12 and I think we might head back to NoR as there seems to be more work there but who knows lol! I know the plastering is very steady at the mo and the builders say it's to pick up again in around 6 weeks. Has your hubby been looking on the jobsites also gumtree, they'll give you an idea of what they're after. As for schools I can't really comment as when we left 2 of my kids were still in primary and 1 in High school NoR, so I don't know about the Mandurah schools but I'm sure someone will be able to answer. xx
  15. Shaz

    share container from dublin

    Hi Yvonne, could you pm me your prices please. We're in Belfast and not taking a lot with us to Perth so have been looking into the shared container. Thanks x