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Need Help, Office Manager with the same tasks as Human Resource Adviser (ANZSCO 223111)


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You really need to speak to a registered migration agent - but from what you have posted you may struggle to get a positive skills assessment. http://www.acacia-au.com/anzsco/223111.php


Two other problems is that HR advisor is a group B occupation for VETASSSESS and requires a Bachelor Degree, Office manage was a group C occupation which required Diploma.


Even if you are able to get a positive skills assessment you may have issues with the DIAC, regarding points for work experiance, if they deam the role you do not closely related enough to the occupation that you have nominated.

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Hi. Thank you for your quick response. I have a bachelors degree in a section 1 school which is equivalent to AQF bachelors degree. I have been working in the said business for 9 years. In your opinion, why do you think i would struggle to get a positive assessment? What kind of problems would i be encountering with DIAC?


Again thank you for your reply. I truly value your opinions as it would be a big help for me.


Since you qrote your first post - you have re-written what you originally stated to include some of the roles in the link I provided.


How many staff do you oversee in your business.


The reason why I think you would struggle is because you have already had your skills assessed, and they think the role you do matches a Office Manager.


The parts of your job that a relevent to HR advisor - would only be a small part of your duties. You state that its a small office - so how much vacancies, greviences etc are you dealing with?


Speak to a Registered Migration Agent - but as I stated even if you did get a positive skills assessment - DIAC may not count your 9 years in the business as relevent work experience for points.

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