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Where to start???


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Me my hubby and my baby boy are coming out to Brisbane at the end of Feb to validate our visas and do some research on suburbs to live etc. I'm hoping some of you can help us out by recommending areas to visit/avoid.


Here is a bit about us. We are both in our late 20's and are non drinkers. We are very family orientated so would like to live somewhere that is catered more for families and must have good schools. We dont mind not being in the city but close enough to be able to commute. Being close to a beach would be ideal. Not to much to ask eh?! lol.


Also can anyone recommend a good site to look for holiday accommodation as we are hoping to get something booked soon.


Thanks everyone




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Yes, at least if you're planning to live north of the river. Well worth a visit for a days' recce. Plenty of parks along the front, and the front extends right round the peninsula from Scarborough to Shorncliffe, apart from about 200m at Woody Point. The only thing that speaks against living in Redcliffe for me is that the streets are organised in a grid pattern, with most of them not being blocked off. So you get through traffic. There are some areas where this has been deliberately avoided, but in the main, streets are open at both ends. There's quite a range of prices/housing styles too.


Not sure if the schools are "good" or "bad".


There's no train, and, despite popular hope, there's no real prospect of one. But there are buses, and the bridges over to Brighton are nearly always flowing freely.


Just my 2p worth, but have a day in Redcliffe and a day south of the river in, say, Manly/Thornlands and see what you think.


The other nice thing about Redcliffe is that you're onyl 30 minutes from Bribie Island, which is a nice beach, or an hour from Caloundra which is even nicer, or an extra 30 minutes to Noosa, which is picture postcard stuff. (Also worth a day trip if you're here to see some of SEQ).

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