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  1. Have a partial nail avulsion with a podiatrist. Incisional nail procedures by surgeons are painful and rarely work!
  2. roger2shirts

    Possible Lyme disease - will this effect future emigration?

    Lymmes Disease does not officially exist in humans in Australia so its possibly a non issue!
  3. Firstly have you looked to see if an osteopath can help or does he genuinely need surgery. If surgery is needed provided he does the "proper rehabilitation" afterwards and is back to work with no ill effects he should be ok with regards the medical. Contact peter palmer - Osteopath in Cardiff or David Rodway in Swansea - these guys are good and maybe he doesn't need surgery. If he is working and is just sore it sounds like he should be ok. Dr Roger!
  4. roger2shirts

    New to the Sunshine Coast

    Welcome to the Coast its a wonderful place to be. Join a local surf club and get involved and you will meet loads of people. Roger
  5. roger2shirts

    I bet this has never been asked before ;-)

    Sunshine Coast - there is work here in that field but may be hard to find. Its a case of "face fitting and a lucky break". But the Coast is a wonderful place to live.
  6. roger2shirts

    30yr old partner with crohns can he emigrate?

    The main medical problems for getting into Australia are AIDS, TB and cancer. UC if well controlled is unlikely to be too much of a problem. Talk to an agent and I'd recommend Bill Rose at Anglia.com.au for advice.
  7. roger2shirts

    advice on schools sunshine coast pls

    Look at Mountain Creek or Chancellor State College - both are excellent - but unless you live in the catchment you stand no chance of getting in. Chancellor is superb.
  8. roger2shirts

    Schools in Sunshine Coast

    The local knowledge is that on the Coast there are 2 schools that people literally fight to get their kids into and they are Mountain Creek and Chancellor College. You would need to live in the catchment as places are highly sought after. My kids are at Chancellor and I am very happy with it..
  9. roger2shirts

    Snakes in Brisbane City

    They are here but generally they are not a problem unless you try to kill them or pick them up.
  10. roger2shirts

    advice on schools sunshine coast pls

    Both Schools are good, but probably the most highly rated school locally is Chancellor State College in Sippy Downs / Buderim. It is outstanding and we pulled our kids out of a "top" private school locally to get ours in there. Brilliant primary school too. Its adjacent to the university and shares facilities, but also the kids see it as a natural progression from an early age that going to university is something that will happen.
  11. Go the extra mile and go to Mooloolaba for an excellent beach
  12. roger2shirts

    Mental health jobs in Sunshine coast

    Buderim Private Hospital has its own mental health unit - the biggest on the Coast
  13. Just looked at your criteria and Buderim on the Sunshine Coast would tick most of the boxes with 2 ticks.
  14. The Sunshine Coast of Queensland would suit you perfectly - lots of South Africans here and they love it!
  15. roger2shirts

    Do you get sick less often in Oz?

    Man flu and sunburn get me here! I think I have a healthier lifestyle and have lost a lot of weight. The food even in the supermarkets is no way near as altered / chemical additives, clean air and good food. Less stress, warm and clean air - I think you would be healthier here. You have time to take part in sports and keeping fit. You'd love it here.