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Getting frustrated with the IELTS reading 6.0


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I am soooooo frustrated. I have done the IELTS twice now, althouh my reading has improved from 5.5 to 6.0 I still failed it. I need a 7.0 in each to register and to gain my skills assessment for my visa. GGRRRR.


I am so frustrated, I am english native, but struggling with this paper!


I am going to book 2 in a row and I just hope that I get my score. Sorry need to vent, I am desperate to get out there and may start seing if I can gain registration directly and go on a 475, but with kids and the 30 day rule it worries me. Also would I need to do this IELTS anyway to gain a permenant visa in the end. :arghh:

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