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Hi all.

So, is it now the case that after the 11th August, the next round of invitations will happen?


Still so confused:err:


No.i think people who have already had an invitation can lodge there application from the 11th as the system has been down. I think the next lot of invitations will go out at the begining of sept unless you have SS in which case you will be invited satraight away after lodging an EOI .

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EOI lodged about 2 weeks ago, but now just waiting.

Hoping for SS in SA, but I dont think the agent has applied as yet or she would have said.

So I am still unsure if we get an invite, then go for SS, or apply now for SS first?


i know it is confusing, i think each state is different,i know with WA we have to lodge an EOI first then lodge for SS, but with other states you have to have SS before lodging an EOI.not sure why that is.:confused:

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