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Mobile Broadband Speeds


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Does anyone use mobile broadband in or around Rockingham, we are looking at our 1st rental there and the house doesn't come with a internet connection so we were thinking of mobile broadband.

We would like to be able to Skype but at most be able to hold a chat conversation with family in the UK and send and recieve a few pictures.

Any help or recommendations would be great :biggrin:

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Guest Happily Down Under
I do but she is not coming with us. So just the 2 of us:no:


Hi there,

I live in Rockingham and have been using a mobile broadband donge from Telstra for the last 3 months.

The coverage is pretty good and speed is ok too but skype eats your gb's

I have the biggest monthly contract they did at 15g and I have to be careful not to use it all up!

That said I'm on skype with cams on every day for at least an hour.

Check their website.

Just signed up today for a (Telstra) home bundle as we now have a rental in Shoalwater and for $100 a month I get 200G with landline and (some) TV included.

Telstra have the best coverage in WA which is why I went with them and they have been good everytime I've had an issue.

Let me know if you need anymore info and good luck with it all.

Life here is just great and I have no regrets uprooting my 14 and 16 yo kids from that sinking ship!

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