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Parent moving across??


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Hi all


When I eventually make it down under has anyone moved them parents over too? What is the process for this and do they need to hold a significant amount of money in trust for a period of time. My mum is keen to make the move once we are settled, but I wasn't sure how easy/difficult that process is.


Is it easier when you become an Australian citzen?


Any help appreciated.



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It's a long and expensive process! I would start by reading the parental booklet on the immi website and go from there.


My parents are submitting their application next week (just waiting for passports to come back). My brother already has PR and will be their sponsor, he has to have been 'settled' for 2 years. We have PR as well and my sister is here on a student visa.


They have to pass the balance of family test, again explained in the booklet.


Few types of visa, the one that takes 15 years and is the cheapest, the other one takes 12-18 months but costs a packet. My parents are looking at spending close to $100k by the time they'll have their visas plus the bond they've got to put in for 10 years.

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