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  1. Up near Avoca beach if anyone is settling out of sydney :cool:
  2. Sell everything and go...sounds epic. you got all your visas in place or what
  3. deano27

    what are you doing right now?

    Going to wash the Subaru Outback after taking on the sand dunes as Stockton. Its not big and its not clear. I will wait until I get a full on 4x4, but at least I survived to tell the tail.
  4. Hey Dean. Thanks for coming back to me. Glad you are still here and no doubt a bit more settled than me. I will send you a PM with my details as it would be good to have a quick beer / food as see what you are up to and take it from there>?:wink:
  5. deano27

    Moving to Central Coast

    Agree with Captain Roberto on Terrigal and Avoca beaches. They are lush and loads of dogs seem to be up for a swim. Plus some great snorkeling if the water isn't too churned up.
  6. deano27

    Central coast

    Kincumber is pretty good for rental market and central to a lot of places.
  7. Dean...are you still here? Give me a shout.
  8. What can I say, but he must be hot.
  9. deano27

    What's it like living around gosford?

    Did you make it down under??
  10. deano27

    Terrigal /Wamberal area

    old thread, but did you make it to Terrigal and how is the house?
  11. deano27

    Sydney northern beaches meet ups??

    Hey Guys We are in Kincumber and near to some great beaches. Love to meet up at some point. Dean and Jen (Abby 4 years old). Dean & Jen
  12. Hmm. All very interesting views and we are in the mode of making plans to move. This seems a bit one sided but that must be the nature of the thread. All comes down to your personal views. I think making a list of why you are going in the first place and framing it. Those that are coming back after 12-18 months due to home sickness haven't given it enough time. The weather is a huge factor for me as I am sick of weekends being stuck in the house. Can't even do an oil change as it is pissing it down. Yes I know it rains in Australia but less often or heavier and then the sun comes out. It would be interesting to know of the people who return had never even been to Australia on holiday. I would get citizenship if possible as if you return that will probably be it. As for me I have the itch and i really hope I don't come back and post that I miss grey rainy days 8).
  13. deano27

    Visa Validation - What actually happens

    Thanks both. It would be nice to have balloons and banners waiting lol. I might try and squeeze a bit of a holiday in too.
  14. Hi all This is probably a daft question, but when you go to Australia to validate your Visa before the IED Initial Entry Date what actually happens? Could I fly to Sydney airport and turn around and come back. Although a very expensive trip to by some Uggs. :biggrin: Thanks Dean
  15. deano27

    Pregnancy whilst 176 Visa is underway...

    Has anyone been able to extent their initial entry date due to compelling/compassionate reasons?