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IELTS Examiner gives lessons


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I am an IELTS examiner based in Manchester. I offer advice, study tips, book recommendations and a way to improve your score quickly.

I have had great success with all my students through either face to face classes, online or skype.

I AM on your side. I (obviously) know what the requirements are.

It's a very tough exam, especially to get either an 8 in GT in ALL skills at the same time (one usually drops), or, to get a 7 in Academic.

Don't be intimidated, it's yet another hoop to jump through I know. Completely ridiculous native speakers have to do it (and rather embarrassing to conduct the interviews let me tell you).

IELTS is an AUSTRALIAN exam by the way - so who's making all the profit??


My blog is ieltsandrea.tumblr.com





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