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Business visa


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Hi all, we successfully made our move on a PR visa last year and we are loving it.

My brother is now left in the uk with my parents and having visited he desperately wants to get a visa to bring his family and start a business here.

He runs an extremely successful family business in farming which my grandad started.

Unfortunately the farming industry as it is in the uk he has had to diversify and has now made it even more successful by creating a turf farm and selling turf online.

He has no qualifications as its all family business knowledge passed down through the generations and more recently the diversification and moving with the times.


I can't seem to find much on business visas and what is required and it looks like they have recently changed the rules on applying for a business visa.


Does anyone have any advise or anyone who has recently applied for a business visa who may be able to tell us what's involved?


Thanks so much for all your help guys and gals.

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