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  1. Thanks freesia. Ive looked through this information but ad everything with DIAC it's as clear as mud to me. I'm thinking a migration expert is the way to go. Thanks again.
  2. Hi all, we successfully made our move on a PR visa last year and we are loving it. My brother is now left in the uk with my parents and having visited he desperately wants to get a visa to bring his family and start a business here. He runs an extremely successful family business in farming which my grandad started. Unfortunately the farming industry as it is in the uk he has had to diversify and has now made it even more successful by creating a turf farm and selling turf online. He has no qualifications as its all family business knowledge passed down through the generations and more recently the diversification and moving with the times. I can't seem to find much on business visas and what is required and it looks like they have recently changed the rules on applying for a business visa. Does anyone have any advise or anyone who has recently applied for a business visa who may be able to tell us what's involved? Thanks so much for all your help guys and gals.
  3. I have just had an email to say that you can now return your next orders to an address on Sydney! I only returned some stuff two weeks ago to the uk which cost me a fortune but still got money back on the return. This definitely makes next worth while with the free shipping here and then returns within Australia. Good news!
  4. Part of my daughters bed and side table has wicker baskets underneath it which pull out. We paid a fortune for the bed and leaving the baskets made the bed pretty much unfinished so after a lot of deliberation and talking to the removal company we decided to pack it up and see how it went. As others say I think it depends on the day but we had no problems what so ever and so glad we brought it all together. Had we had a phone call to say otherwise I'm not sure what we would have done. I suppose it would depend on the cost of the different options. Good luck
  5. Oh right, that has taken me by surprise! I wonder where I got that myth from? That's great, thanks for your help.
  6. Hi iron chef, we brought our car over with us to WA. We were told that you need to keep the car for 12 months after registration over here, but we have seen some conflicting posts elsewhere which state it's 24 months. We have looked on wa registration websites etc and we can't find the facts. Any chance you know? Thanks in advance.
  7. I would love to do this trip but with a 6 year old in the back she would drive us crazy! We did the short trip to dongara camping last weekend and we loved it and has really wet our appetite for a great ozzie road trip! The thought of leaving in the night sounds appealing as hopefully she would sleep most of the journey then! If you did the trip in 1 day how long would you have to stay to get the most out of it? And what's it like in winter all the way up there? I was looking forward to seeing monkey Mia, and have been told that kalbarrie is somewhere to see, is it really not worth the effort?
  8. Hi guys, the dilemma sounds an awful position to be in. We have recently got a kitten, Scottish fold cross and she's beautiful. She does not seem to bother about the heat at all and like others have said we keep all the blinds closed and it stays cooler inside. She seems to find colder spots too on the tiled floor. I have never had cats before and we have decided to keep her as a house cat. She sits at the big patio doors looking out at the park we live on and seems happy enough. I'm intrigued to know though how you allow your house cat to wander round in the evening outside and they don't jump fences and disappear etc? I would love for Molly to be able to do this as I think it will give her a lovely balance. Like I say I know nothing about cats so sorry if this seems like a really silly question!
  9. It's a golden orb, we have loads of them round us. Apparently they are not too poisonous to us, but the bite will sting, so I have been told. They get pretty big, so I'm not going to find out if what I have been told is true or not!
  10. Hi Jen, we live inland in aveley / ellenbrook so we have a 30 minute journey to the coast. We have found that we have the best of both worlds as we work all week, we probably wouldn't go to the beach after work, we have open space and parklands and then at the weekend we hit the beach for the day. I thought that it would bother me but nowhere is really that far. Good luck
  11. We too live in aveley and have been here just a little over 12 months. We find the parks and the open spaces great for our little monster of a daughter who is 6 We don't find the distance to the beach to be a problem at all and head off down there for the day every weekend. With working and school during the week im not sure we would actually spend the evenings at the beach anyway so we feel we have a great balance where we are. Would love a train link to the city but hopefully it will come in time, especially as ellenbrook is getting bigger and busier. Houses are relatively new and we managed to get a bargain for just over 400k right on a beautiful park. We were in a great position to buy and the market has slowed a little. Finding a rental was the biggest struggle when we arrived. Good luck
  12. Hi terri, yes you can continue with a 176 application whilst you are on a 457. Whether you can change jobs will depend on the tie in with the contract you enter into on your 457. Good luck.
  13. Thanks to all who have replied to this post. Sorry for not getting back to you it's been a hectic few months with visitors and Xmas etc. I hope you are all well? It would be great to meet up with you guys. We have relatives with us at the moment but if it's ok I'll PM you a and arrange something very soon? Thanks again Dawn --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=-31.781002,115.982211
  14. Yep it wad great to chat to new peeps today, thanks for organising this Joanne. Looking forward to the next one.
  15. Hope you don't mind us gate crashing? It'll be great to meet some peeps out here. Me, hubby and lil' girl. (Dawn, Rob and Anna). We are at the Perth Glory v's Celtic match ourselves so suits great on the Sunday. Look forward to it.
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