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New to this site. Thank you for reading.

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Guest wmiles1982

Hi guys.


Im new to this site so firstly I would just like to introduce myself, I'm Wayne, 29, time served carpenter from the uk and I am just beginning to start the process of applying for my 190 sponsored visa. When I say just starting I mean that I am at the very beginning of the process. Im satisfied that I meet all of the entry requirements, points etc and that I have sufficient qualifications and experience to be able to pass my skills assessment (I have chosen vetassess) but I have a few questions and any feed back would be greatly appreciated.


1. I have 10 years of on site experience since completing my apprenticeship and providing the evidence vetassess require to support this is not a problem, the only query I have is that vetassess are asking for documented evidence that shows the assessor that I have the necessary skills to carry out the competency related to my trade. Does this mean that I have to provide photo/ video evidence of myself carrying out all of the tasks in my trade related competency groups???


2. Will the DIOC have any issues with my application because I am single and will be heading out there on my own, I have Australian friends out there who I will be living with but I'm not sure if the dioc will question my application because I am not heading out there with family etc.


I have a few more question but I don't want to write a huge post as my first so just wanted to get the ball rolling.


Any feedback would be amazing. Thanks in advance.

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