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    Tip on travelling

    We are due to take our first flight from the uk to brisbane. Does anyone have any tips for a flight this long. I will be travelling in comfy clothes and taking my own pillow.
  2. Squirlies

    Tip on travelling

    We have a 5 hour stop over at Singapore. We are planning on going into an airport lounge for a shower
  3. Squirlies

    Weather in April

    What's the weather like on the gold coast first two weeks of April. Just wondering what clothes I should be packing Thanks
  4. Squirlies

    Weather in April

    We are coming from the UK so I'm sure it's going to feel warm compared to what we're used to. However we are used to taking our holidays to the US and carribean so used to the heat. This will be our first time in Australia
  5. Squirlies

    Weather in April

    Thank you for your reply. So shorts and tshirt weather?
  6. Were in the process of applying for a 482 visa. It has asked us for proof of our overseas visitor health cover. Who is best to get cover with? Are we able to get cover with our uk address? Many Thanks
  7. We're currently in the process of emergrating. My husband has been offered a job through sponsorship in wagga wagga. Can anyone recommend where is a good place to live for a family. We were hoping to live near the coast but it's just too far away. We don't mind being a few hours from wagga wagga. Thank you
  8. Thank you for the information. Will take a look. We have taken Into account paying International fees. Is this on top of other fees or is it all one fee per year?
  9. She would of just finished her A levels. When looking at university requirements I'm not getting much information and what she needs
  10. Wouldn't our eldest be eligible for university straight away. What uk qualifications do you need for australian universities
  11. Thank you so much for all the information you have shared. It's been very helpful
  12. We are willing to try. He's been offered sponsorship through another company also and he's Been offered work by a different company again. 4 years is better than sitting back here and wishing we had done it. He's nearly 40 so time is running out
  13. Thank you for your advice. We are going to look at all areas. We would like to live near the beach but unfortunately the job he's been offered is hours away. Currently in the UK he works away all week so is used to commuting
  14. His employer is also willing to start the process of a permanent visa as soon as we're able to apply. We're going on the 482 first to get him out there quicker. His employer has said if he could sign him up now for ten year contract he would.
  15. Thank you for your reply. We have taken into account the school fees and medical costs. I think I may have to stay in the uk until they both finish their schools here
  16. Squirlies

    Moving with older children

    We are also in the same situation. We have a 16 year old and a 14 year old. One is in her first year of A levels and our other daughter is in her first year of GCSE's. We are running out of time (age wise). My husband has been offered a job through sponsorship