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  1. Hi all, My partner was recently diagnosed with a blood cancer for which she has had treatment, at the time of diagnoses she was on a skilled working via (tech field). Now we're looking at going to for permanent residency, and I'm obviously concerned about the health conditions for her. Does anyone know a migration lawyer (Sydney based) who has extensive experience in this field and can help us navigate such a case? Appreciate if anyone know's of a great lawer or describe a similar situation Many thanks
  2. Thank you and yes the ticket prices are outrageous, but hopefully we will get a little luck. Let's see how we fare
  3. Aww yes indeed it was July 2021. Good luck, I think it'll be very soon for you too!
  4. Quick update.... we received our permanent visa notifications on Friday finally!! Been a long and windy road to get here, but very thankful to have done so. Sequence of events roughly: Applied April 2016 AOS/Medicals Feb 2020 VAC2 request June 2021 Visa Granted July 2022
  5. Hi @Sash123 I had a call from the department last week asking for the 2nd VAC in addition to the email. Speaking with the representative they indicated new approvals would be forthcoming in the first few weeks of July as all places for this 2020-2021 year have been fulfilled. Let's hope for some good news next month
  6. Thank you and yep we're thinking of going business/first just so we can get to Australia and be with the kids! Fingers crossed we can get a seat etc. once we have been accepted.
  7. Thank you, I hope so...we've been waiting what feels an eternity. So with the grant, do I need to go to the high commission in London to pickup a visa or is it all electronic? I'll need to book flights, but that's another problem all in it's self.
  8. hi @Anks offshore from the UK... I made sure to keep police clearances up to date etc. in an effort to not delay the application. To be honest once the department requests the VAC2, does that then mean a visa is imminent, or is there additional processing that needs to be completed? I wasn't sure about that part.
  9. Thank you. I should mention there is no guarantee we'll get the visa in July, but it's a promising sign after many many months of no contact. I'll keep the board posted if I hear anything further.
  10. I got a call today from the Immigration department to tell me that our 143 visa was progressing. They requested the VAC2 payment and would start progressing applications from the 1st July 2021 as the cap has already been exceeded for 2020-2021. The representative also mentioned they are all hands on deck and going to try and approve as many applications as possible. Look's like things will start moving again for all those that are waiting, stay positive! Originally applied in April 2016 for reference.