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  1. JamieSuds

    LV Mechanic 189 Not Possible?

    Ah I see, I thought sponsorship was the fastest way forward to obtain PR, I didnt realise how difficult it was to obtain perminant residency. I'm not sure if this reply goes directly to yourself or just on the thread but thanks very much for the advice! I'll contact Raul as well. Much appreciated Jamie
  2. JamieSuds

    LV Mechanic 189 Not Possible?

    Thanks for your reply! I'll get in touch with them to discuss options.
  3. JamieSuds

    LV Mechanic 189 Not Possible?

    Thanks for your reply. So would sponsorship really only be the way forward to get PR?
  4. Hello All. I'm looking for some advice, I'm currently on a covid visa, I've been in the country for 3 years now (prior visa 417 Working Holiday). I got in touch with a migration agent about self sponsoring on the 189 visa, they said it wouldn't be possible as I've not been working as a mechanic for the last 3 years... I'm a time served mechanic who served just over 6 years in the Automotive Industry, I was working on Light vehicles, plant, machinery and carrying out mechanical install jobs on Solar Farms on and off for the last 3 years in Australia. I have been offered sponsorship in a garage but I'd like the opportunity to go onto the 189 visa so I can travel and work. Is this possible to do or can anyone point me in the right direction of a migration agent to assist? Thanks in advance Jamie