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  1. carly baker

    Moving states 491 visa

    My husband got his visa as a plumber but is also director of his company so is looking at management positions in kitchen companies etc
  2. carly baker

    Moving states 491 visa

    Hi we are in the same situation, we have been sponsored by SA but we are heading to the gold coast as my husband has received job offers there, so we are also hoping for the same outcome as you, fingers crossed. We leave the UK mid march
  3. Thanks that’s great, I did think this but I have rang theee who we are currently with and they said I can’t keep my number past 60days so I may have to move to another provider but I thought pay as you go was the thing to do
  4. Hi I want to get a new iPhone soon, looking at the iPhone 13, should I buy before i go from Apple £779 or will i get cheaper or more expensive in Austrlia. Also my contract with 3 ends just before I leave mid March, how can i keep my UK number, I have looked at companies that port numbers through an app, has anyone done this or is there an easier option. I will get an Oz number and contract but want to keep my current number as its linked to my banks for security codes etc Any help much appreciated x
  5. Thank u we have booked our flights today 12 weeks time, I’m terrified and excited at the same time. I know it’s the right thing to do and don’t want to waste anymore time, the kids will have such a better life in Australia and I know one day my daughter will thank me x
  6. She has to come with us, we need to go as a family. I understand her GCSEs won't matter in Australia, its just we should have left a year ago and now when we can finally go but are so close to her exams its a tough decision weather to wait for her to do exams or hurry up and leave the UK asap to start our new life but don't want to make the wrong decision. I won't leave her here with family incase the unthinkable happens again and the borders close and we are separated.
  7. Also until we find a house we don’t know where my daughter can go to school so I’m finding it very hard to look at schools for her and subject options. School application are open her for a levels and she is looking at subjects but I really need her to be looking at her options in oz
  8. Thanks for the reply, she will be 16 in may, we want to go at the latest in June 2022 as we have already wasted a year of our visa. I’m not worried about her going back a year slightly but I was kinda hoping that there maybe an option for her to do her exams in oz maybe privately so that she doesn’t miss out and we can get there ASAP. Doing her A-levels in the Uk is not an option otherwise our visa will expire and like you said I’ll then be in the same situation with my son
  9. We have been granted a 491 visa since February 2021 but due to covid haven’t been able to leave the Uk. Our visa is now on the list for entry and we want to go ASAP but our daughter is in year 11 and due to sit her GCSEs exams in may/June 2021 she is predicted very good grades 7/8/9s As and Bs. So I really need help, I know GCSEs mean nothing in oz but what if she wants to return to the Uk once she is 18, should we wait for her to do her exams but risk the borders closing again or should we leave ASAP and get her into a local school and gain her Australian equivalent of high school certificate? She wants to continue studying and do A-levels or the equivalent in oz any help greatly appreciated, we also have a son in year 7.
  10. carly baker

    UK/Oz financial advisor

    Great will do thank u Alan
  11. carly baker

    UK/Oz financial advisor

    Hi Alan hope it’s ok to jump on this post, but need some tax advice please on our income, we are currently still in uk but hoping to make the move once restrictions are lifted, we have been granted 491 visa Carly
  12. carly baker

    New mobile phone contract

    Hi all, it’s my first time posting. My family and I have been granted our 491 visa February 21, we are hoping to make the move to Australia towards the end of this year depending on covid restrictions. Our mobile phone contracts are uP for renewal in the uk and most providers only offer a 24 month contract. We use our phones a great deal for business and pleasure, would you recommend getting a new contract in Australia or here in the uk, we both use iPhones and not sure what’s available and prices on Australia compared to uk? Any help greatly appreciated
  13. carly baker

    And finally...

    Hi, Im looking for help with UK and Australian tax advice, who is Alans company?