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  1. Osado7774

    Approved air carrier for 2 cats

    Hi @The Pom Queen Thank you. PP crates looks great. It’s such a lovely idea to have a raised floor. I couldn’t find any alternative to this in the UK unfortunately. Maybe I can do some DIY
  2. Osado7774

    Approved air carrier for 2 cats

    Hi Bob, Thank you. I considered this Gulliver crate because it has a removable panel that can split the carrier in 2 parts giving each cat some personal space. My only concern is the height of it. 50cm is a lot.
  3. Osado7774

    Travel with a Bengal cat from unregistered litter

    Maybe I phrased it in a wrong way. There are 3 ways to transport pets. 1. Cabin. Many airlines allow pets in the cabin. But there is a limit to 1 pet per person. There is also a limit to the size and the weight of the pet. That’s how I used to travel with my pet normally. 2. Hold. I haven’t done this before. It will be my first time because I have 2 cats now. As far as I understand I need to provide all the paperwork for my cats during checkin, then take the carrier(s) to oversize luggage desk. Then my pets will be taken to the aircraft hold. 3. Cargo. You need to take you pet to the cargo terminal. There is quite a process as far as I heard involving pet insurance and a tonne of paperwork involved.
  4. Osado7774

    Travel with a Bengal cat from unregistered litter

    Cabin or hold I will however register her with TICA as a domestic neutered cat. TICA representative said this option should work since the ancestry is not confirmed.
  5. Osado7774

    Approved air carrier for 2 cats

    Hello everyone! I am planning to take 2 flights with my two lovely cats. I did some research and Stefanplast Gulliver Touring carrier looks like a decent choice. It can even be split in two parts to give some personal space for each cat. It seems to be very big though. https://www.stefanplast.it/en-us/products/pet/pet-carriers/gulliver-touring/gulliver-touring-cm-80/gulliver-touring-cm-80 Our vet said that cats feel safer in smaller spaces, so now I am a bit worried this carrier is slightly too big. Has anyone ever transported 2 cats in our carrier before ? What’s the best way to do it? Cats live together and get along well. Thank you all!
  6. Osado7774

    Travel with a Bengal cat from unregistered litter

    Thank you very much indeed for your advice I did some research, so it looks like TICA certificate is only needed if the cat is transported as cargo.
  7. Osado7774

    Travel with a Bengal cat from unregistered litter

    I was trying to search the forums for any information regarding this topic and came across this topic discussed here a couple of years ago. I thought I could give it a go. I am moving to Russia at the moment, but most likely will soon move to either Canada or Australia to continue studies. (If my cat is allowed with me of course). The father’s name is Crixous, and he is a pedigree Bengal. I got in touch with TICA but they are requesting father’s pedigree details. Unfortunately, I don’t have any contact with the owners of Crixous, and as my Shaki is of unregistered litter, I am not sure how to proceed. Thank you very much for responding!
  8. Hi everyone! I live in the UK and I got my Bengal kitty (Shaki) in the UK also. I bought her as a domestic pet a couple of years ago. I decided to move back to Russia, and then to Canada. I was advised that in order for me to travel with Shaki I would require a pedigree certificate proving that my cat is F5 Bengal. I have a copy of my cat's mother’s TICA certificate and a copy of a sales receipt indicating my cat’s microchip and that the mother cat's owner was also the seller. I also have my cat’s first vet’s certificate of vaccination that shows my cat’s microchip number and previous owner’s details. I only have a name of Shaki’s father as the previous owners are not in touch with the owners of my cat’s father anymore. To the best of my knowledge he is also a pedigree F5 Bengal cat. Shaki is from an unregistered litter and was sold to me under condition of never using her for breeding. She is currently neutered. Can someone, please, please, please, advise how to act in such situation as I cannot move back to Russia without my cat?