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Found 78 results

  1. Love_isadorable

    3 Indoor Pedigree Cats Licence

    Hi Everyone We are planning a move back to WA with our 3 Burmese cats - I notice some suburbs / towns only permit 2 cats and anything above that you need a special licence. My question is what does this involve and if you purchase a property and then apply for the permit is it likely to go through as I understand the permit is not transferable from one property to the next (like if we rented while purchasing a house). We plan to build a catio or fully enclose our outdoor patio / living area to keep them contained. Any experience or advice would be appreciated.
  2. Hello everyone! Myself and partner plan to move back to Australia in the next 6 months or so and bring our two cats. They have just turned 13, I don't think they will appreciate the journey or the quarantine but I hope that I am right in thinking it is better for them to live out their later years with us. For context; I'm an Australian & British citizen who met my husband (British but now with PR) at uni in UK and as we didn't plan to move from the UK at that point got our cats a couple years later. After a few years we did go to live/work in Melbourne and Adelaide and as things were very up in the air with work/accommodation we left them behind with his parents, considering bringing them later. I also assumed they would forget about us and move on. After two years we had to come back to the UK for family reasons and the cats were ridiculously happy to see us and live with us again. Knowing that I feel terrible to not bring them despite the stress (for them) and expense. At least quarantine is much shorter than when we previously considered it. For anyone who has experience or opinion on this I would love to hear it. Thank you!
  3. Clair

    Taking my Cat to England

    Hi, Can anyone please help me with any information regarding where to start with the planning of flying my cat home with me to England? I am not sure what immunisations are needed either. It's the one item on my list that is stressing me senseless. I truly cannot leave my furkid behind and I am worried about putting him through any unessacary stress. Any information would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance, Clair
  4. Hi folks, I've been a lurker here for a while now and you're all so very helpful. We have a bit of time yet, as we're waiting until late August to move to Perth (bf has PR has til Nov to move. I will be applying defacto partner onshore). We have 2 cats we're bringing with us (aware of area regs and already planning to have them indoors plus cattio so they cannot roam) and we have a crazy schedule to juggle with us flying, cats flying, everyone in quarrantine etc. This means we have a relatively short time period to secure a rental we can take the cats to. The areas we are looking at so far are Freo or close to it (we want to be close to rail transport) or possibly Aubin (bf is undecided, I'm happy to be in both places so he gets to choose ). So I am asking you POI folks for some advice. Have you had a similar experience? Do you know a reputable housing agent that knows places that allow pets? Have you got a favourite agent that has dealt with you very well? Got any advice or info? Please help! We have started the process with petair, we are aware of local regs on moggies and will be responsible with them. We are aware it is trickier to find a place thst allows pets and we are in the fortunate position to offer 6 months or even a year in advance. We have looked into it and while we can stretch we would prefer to stay around the $500 to $550 a week max. It us just us two and the two cats, no kids. Ideally we want a house rather than an apartment 2bed min with some outdoor space (enough for a cattio and to have a barbie without wedging people into a tiny space meant for 2) and parking for 1 car off street. TIA Nix
  5. Osado7774

    Approved air carrier for 2 cats

    Hello everyone! I am planning to take 2 flights with my two lovely cats. I did some research and Stefanplast Gulliver Touring carrier looks like a decent choice. It can even be split in two parts to give some personal space for each cat. It seems to be very big though. https://www.stefanplast.it/en-us/products/pet/pet-carriers/gulliver-touring/gulliver-touring-cm-80/gulliver-touring-cm-80 Our vet said that cats feel safer in smaller spaces, so now I am a bit worried this carrier is slightly too big. Has anyone ever transported 2 cats in our carrier before ? What’s the best way to do it? Cats live together and get along well. Thank you all!
  6. vickig80

    Cat transfer UK to Australia

    Hi, Looking for some advice in regards to transporting our cats from UK to Australia. Just wondering if anyone with some experience of this can advise the best time to send them, not sure whether to send them a week or so before we leave or leave it closer to our move date. Also, does anyone know how long are they in quarantine or does this depend on the pet? Our move date isn't for another couple of years due to commitments in UK, so just trying to get organised and do some research but couldn't seem to find this info on the airpets website. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks in advance
  7. Alligator-eyes

    Cats in Australia (wildlife)

    Hi We just got our permanent visas approved so now it’s very real! I’m really upset at the thought of leaving my cat behind when we go, I’ve looked into various companies to help with the move and waiting for a few quotes. But I’m concerned about the wildlife-cane toads, snakes, poisonous spiders etc. He is currently my spider catcher and does like to bring in a mouse or two, I’m concerned he might try to catch something that will end up killing him as he’s grown up being able to catch anything. Does anyone have experience of moving with a cat (particularly one which likes to have freedom outdoors) and if there has been any issues with wildlife?
  8. Hi all We are looking to see what options are available for short-term accomodation (up to 6 weeks) until we find a rental property. Looked on the likes of WOTif etc and AirB&B, Stayz but looking to see if any other options are out there. A family of 2 adults, 1 toddler, 2 cats. I will be looking for work in / around Brisbane CBD so most be able to commute. We are thinking about renting longer term Karana Downs area. Thoughts or Suggestions? Thank You
  9. Hi, We're emigrating to Brisbane in a couple of weeks time and still haven't found a home for our 2 cats. We've tried all the family and freind normal routes and thought that we would have the animal charities as a final last resort if it came to it, but have recently found that they are in a dire situation with overcrowding and they have 2 year waiting lists. We've now out posters up, tried facebook atc, but to no avail. We can't take them with us due to a) the cost and b) the rental situation we'll be in when we get to Brisbane. They are both 11 years old and very affectionate. Both house trained. If you can help, please let me know and pass on my post to anyone else you think may be interested. Thanks! Nicky
  10. terry & Melanie

    Saying 'Goodbye' to our two cats........

    Its good and bad news all in one. I have found a really good home for our two cats. (We can't take them with us) They are going to a really good family who I know through my kids school. My daughter and their twin daughters are best friends at school. I am so pleased to have found them such a lovely family to live with, but the problem is they want them at the beginning of Feb. (about three weeks!) We arn't planning on going to Oz until July, but I don't want to ask them to wait. Now they have made the decision to get cats, they might get others and not wait. Besides is it going to be any easier to say 'Goodbye' to them in July? And we will get the chance to see them settled before we go. My daughter is devastated, even though she knew we couldn't take them with us. She has been sat in her bedroom crying since she came home, and as asked not to be here when they go! I feel so guilty but I know its what right for the cats and us!:cry: Melanie x
  11. NowPerth

    New Cat Laws coming for owners in WA

    Regional rules for cat owners already exist, but they vary hugely. It looks like they will be standardised by Christmas. http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/was-naughty-cats-bound-for-kitty-prison-20120525-1z9az.html (I hope my link works)
  12. Hi, my partner and i are emigrating to SA in july and have just noticed on a website the councils are limiting people to only having two cats and a permit if you have any more. Im very worried as if i bring them over and our permit gets refused what would I do? I would really appreciate any advice I could be given i have already posted on the poms in adelaide site. Does anybody know of anyone with more than two cats i wont be living in a mansion but will have a run for them outdoors.....im worried sick Mandi & Bruce
  13. The Pom Queen

    Cats and Snake Bites

    I'm going through some of the docs I have on my pc and thought this may be of interest to some members. Snakebites occur more commonly in the warmer months of the year but they can occur all year round. Cats are very inquisitive and like to stalk and pounce on the snakes, often with deadly consequences. Although Cats are more resistant to the venom of snakebites than dogs and survival rates are generally higher, it is still advisable to contact your vet immediately if you suspect a snake has bitten your cat so anti-venom can be given. The type of anti-venom given depends on the type of snake but if the snake is not seen or identified the choice can be made on the geographical area, snake venom detection kits or several anti-venoms can be given. Hospitalisation will also be required for a few days to prevent dehydration and help keep the cat’s body temperature stable while it is paralysed. First aid includes keeping your pet quiet and applying a pressure bandage – just a firm bandage of any material over and around the bite site - if practical. Never apply a tourniquet, wash or cut the wound site. Symptoms of a snake bite Dilated pupils Muscle weakness Drooling Vomiting Diarrhea Rapid pulse Labored breathing Coma What to do if your cat is bitten by a snake? If possible, try to identify the snake. However, don't waste time trying to locate the snake. If the snake is still in the area, do not approach it. Have a look at it from a distance, and make a note of it's appearance including colour, patterns & length. Even if the snake is dead, do not touch it as a dead snake can still retain a reflexive action for up to an hour after death. Get your cat to the veterinarian immediately. On the way to the veterinarian do the following: Remove the cat's collar Keep the bitten area lower than the heart. Keep the cat quiet & calm. Immobilise the area if possible. Apply a pressure bandage between the bite & the heart. If there is no heartbeat or pulse, administer CPR. What NOT to do: Do NOT allow your cat to walk. Do NOT cut the bitten area. Do NOT attempt to suck the venom out of the bite. Do NOT apply a tourniquet. Keeping snakes out of your garden Again prevention is better than cure, try and keep snakes out of your garden, make your garden in to an environment which isn't attractive to snakes. Keep the garden free of long or overgrown plants. Keep the garden free of debris, such as corrugated iron, building materials, old junk etc. Keep your lawn short. Don't leave containers of water lying around. If you have a shed, keep it free or rodents. Remove fallen fruit from the ground as this encourages rodents, which will in turn encourage snakes. Avoid wood piles, especially in the summer months. If you do have a wood pile, make sure it is well away from your house & not accessible to your cats or children. Avoid rockeries, which provide an excellent habitat for snakes to hide.
  14. Hi i am considering bringing my three cats with me when i move to Queensland. How easy is it to find a place to rent with three cats?. Also can anyone advise of how expensive the quarentine works out in Sydney. As i would have to have them in quarantine for thirty days before i could travel them to Emerald.
  15. Guest

    Dogs, cats, spiders and snakes

    We're about to move to Brisbane and i hope we can get a place to the south of the city with some ground around it but I was wondering how much of a threat to pets spiders and snakes tend to be. We have a Hungarian Vizsla dog that likes to run in grass and bush and the concern would be she runs over a snake or spider. How much of a problem does this tend to be with dogs? Our cat is used to living on 50 acres of farm ground here in NZ and hunting small animals so i guess the same issues apply.
  16. After three schooners (in five hours) I'm feeling maudlin.
  17. We fly out on 6th December to Brisbane but hope to be living in Sydney by late December/early January but our main concerns are; 1) Whats the cheapest way of getting our two cats to Aus? and 2) How easy is it to rent accommodation (flats) in the main cities (Sydney/Brisbane) with pets. We have two cats and will seek unfurnished properties but uncertain whether or not people rent flats out to people with cats?:rolleyes:
  18. TheClarkeFamily

    2 Cats from UK to Perth

    Any idea on costs that people have found would be greatly recieved as well as any hiccups or any companies to avoid for flying them over :eek:
  19. lynn22

    Cats & dogs AFTER quarantine.

    Just wondering if anyone has had a cat or dog shipped over & done quarantine & round them to be "changed" afterwards. I'm worrying it would have lasting effects, esp with a cat. My cody has never even been in a cattery, doesnt go out of the house & has never had anything to be timid of so I'd be so scared something changed his personality & made him less confident.
  20. Guest

    Hi! Moving to Melbourne

    Hi all, We are (hopefully) moving to Melbourne in August this year. Been lurking on here for a little while but as things are moving forward thought we might as well say hello! We both have jobs lined up - me transferring with my firm here in UK, OH has gone and got herself something new. Just about to go through the visa process! All the posts on here have been really helpful, especially those about moving cats (we have 3!). I'm sure we will have loads of questions, but at the moment we are considering where we might live - in particular I will be based in Melbourne CBD, and OH out in Heidelberg. Anyone got an idea of what the commute into the CBD from the Heidelberg area is like (on the train), or would it be better for us to live close to the centre and my OH to commute out instead? Also, we both currently commute in to central London from Watford on our motorbikes, is that a done thing in Melbourne (I've heard you can park on the pavement!?) - in fact, any bikers say hi!
  21. Guest

    Feral Cats

    Looking for some advice from you guys. I am an ardent animal lover, and we live where there is an abundance of wild life including birds. Last night there was WW3 going on between some feral cats and Mr & Mrs Possum and their babies along with the pademelons:mad: I see them wriggly their arses watching all my parrots and blue wrens eating at ground level. How do I get rid of these cats humanely without detriment to the wild life. Mr Siam wants to use a Possum Trap:cry:
  22. angphil

    What to do with old cats?

    We have two cats (aged 14 and 15) and we are at a complete loss at to what to do with them when we go to Auz. It is one thing that is really playing on my mind. We can't leave them with my parents as they have a dog that hates them and chases them. We are keeping our house and renting it out, so thought about it being a condition that the new tenants feed the cats. Can we do this????? Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks
  23. Hello all I'm new here! I have been offered employer sponsorship on 121, but haven't applied for the visa yet etc. So my migration isn't even confirmed, yet. However, I won't go if my two girls can't come with me, end of! I have two cats, very very scared and nervous. Taking them to the vet was SO traumatic for them (hyperventilating, sweaty paws etc) that I now have a home vet who says they are in her top three of pet clients who are difficult because of their fear! I have a few questions for anyone having been through immigration with cats: * Will they get ANYTHING to eat on a 24 hour flight? From LHR to MEL? I hate the idea that they will be starving with no access to food, esp if the flight is delayed in any way. I can only imagine this will add to their terror and stress. * I know everyone says that cats just settle down and sleep on the flight but mine really are very very scared indeed. Are there any options - anything whatsoever - for them not to fly cargo? A private cabin in the new Qantas planes?! I will do almost anything to have them with me so they know they haven't been abandoned. * Is it better to do it in one quick flight (24 hours) or break it up for them? I'm thinking that breaking it up will be much more stressful, but it would allow them to eat... * Does anyone have any experience of the Spotswood quarantine facility? I don't like that they can see other cats. They are mostly house cats, they have no experience of other people as I don't really have people over to mine, and they will be terrified if they can see other animals. * Did anyone else remind the captain to turn the cargo heating on for the animals?! A friend of mine's dog died because they forgot to heat the right section of the plane... * Do they travel with other animals in the hold? * What happens in SIN / HKG / other stopover? Are the staff good? Are the animals carried carefully and treated well? Sorry for all the questions. I can deal with everything about moving to Aus except the stress I will be putting my girls under, but leaving them behind isn't an option. I won't go if they're not safe and looked after. Vet says they can fly. One last question - I've thought about going to NZ and staying there for three months with the girls, then flying them to Melbourne to avoid quarantine. But it does mean putting them through another flight. However, if Spotswood is not a good facility, I will do it. Has anyone done this? Thanks to anyone who can share any experiences, especially if you have nervous, frightened and stressed out cats! Sorry for all the questions... Kiki
  24. Guest

    cats making the journey

    hi there! this is my first post as we've just recently decided to take the whole process further after umming and ahhing for a few years. our issue is we have 3 cats. i am looking at a few of the websites people have recommended on here about pet travel, but its all a bit vague. could anyone tell me what the estimated cost of transporting cats to oz from the uk is and what it's actually like for them?! i know it's very early in the process to be worrying about the cats... but as pet owners yourselves im sure you'll understand! :biggrin:
  25. Hi big dilema for me here! We (me-English, Husband-Aussie, daughter aged 1) currently live in Western Australia. After having my daughter I have been missing family alot so we are thinking about spending a year (two at the very most in England). We live in a very small country town and realise its not the town for us anymore but are unsure where to go in oz so are wanting to go to the uk. It will definately not be permanent. The problem is we have 2 burmese cats which I love. I really want to keep them. I didn't make any quick decisions when originally getting them, I knew they can live 20 years and accepted that I would have a home for them for life. But what do we do? I would love to bring them to the uk with me, but really for just a year, it seems a bit silly. I would pay anything to bring them back and forth (not that my husband would be happy and we don't have alot of money) but thats not the point, If we did bring them with us I think it would just be too stressful for one of them. The female copes really well with moving, but the boy would find it very hard.I wouldn't spilt them up. I'm considering not going to the UK so we can keep the cats but then I feel we would miss out on an opportunity to spend time with my family. I would love them to have time to get to know our daughter. Any thoughts? what would you do? or have you been in a similar situation? do you think its possible finding a 'temporary' home? I just don't know what to do, I just can't seem to face finding them a new home!. I feel a bit selfish finding them a new home, and then I when we come back I will want them back My daughter is only 1 but she loves the cats. The first thing she wants in the morning is the cats, she calls them.