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  1. Thanks for the information. Lisa and I have been apart for over 12 months due to covid so we desperately want to see each other as soon as possible. Logic says its better to delay the visit and get things sorted but our hearts are saying drop everything now and be together in person for a short time given we have been lucky with the Visa being granted within 6 months. This way after a 2-3 month stay, Lisa can return home to the UK to sort out job, property and financial matters before returning with the intention of residing in Australia.permanently Understandably their would be negatives relating to quarantining twice and double the flight expense however these are only considerations if the 309 Visa allows this. Based upon Paul's feedback it seems our thinking fits within the requirements of the 309 visa. Can anyone see any other potential issues with this approach? THANKS
  2. My partner, Lisa, has been fortunate to have been granted her 309 Partner Visa after submitting it in August. Based on the current situation, including border controls, can anyone help with any of the following: Is Lisa able to enter Australia without obtaining an official travel exemption? (ie. will the 309 grant letter be enough to get through immigration?) Is Lisa required to remain in Australia for a specified/set period of time, or can she leave to return overseas to her home country the UK? Understanding a requirement of the 309 Partner visa remains that we “live together or not live separately or apart on a permanent basis”. However in the current COVID climate where employment and travel opportunities are limited – it would be necessary for Lisa to return to the UK for job/property responsibilities. When leaving Australia will Lisa be required to have an exemption, or is she free to leave without any form of approval? The intention is she would return later in 2021 Any assistance or advice on these matters would be greatly appreciated