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  1. Leo Gadzika

    190 processing time decreases to 5 months

    You could be right, I lodged my 190 application 5 Sept 2019, got a case officer contact 14 March 2020, sent the required documents before end of March, no response upto now. When I check my immi account, it only states “ Further Assessment”. Which means case officer is currently assessing the docs sent. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. Leo Gadzika

    Status on visa application 190

    Thanks, it makes sense now on the points you listed. I will be notifying you of any new developments.
  3. Leo Gadzika

    Status on visa application 190

    Thanks Paul, So it means they have received the documents I sent but haven’t assessed them or they are assessing them currently. Australia has eased restrictions on the current pandemic, so most businesses are back at work. Is there anyone who went through this and how long it took to get the next notification?
  4. Leo Gadzika

    Status on visa application 190

    Good day everyone, I applied for a 190 visa in 2018 and my application was lodged 5 September 2019. Got a case officer early March 2020 and sent all requested documents by 27 March. When I check my immi account it states further assessment but no date when it moved to that stage. I haven’t heard anything from them. Next stage should be finalized. My question is how long is the time frame to move onto the next stage.