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    Electrical substation fitter- Help needed!!!

    That's not my job though. I would have to lie about getting experience, I'd be doing an assessment in a job I'm not familiar with (plus it's alot of money to throw away if i fail it) and then once I'm over there I'd have to get so much experience to complete the process. Who will employ me as an electrician when I'm not an electrician? We are talking about paying over $6000 to get my qualifications swapped over to the wrong Australian qualification! It wouldn't be so bad if I thought I could actually get away with it but I don't think i can haha its crazy that linesman and cable jointer are listed but my trade isn't, the 3 jobs go hand in hand
  2. Hi all I was hoping someone could give me some advice! I'm an electrical fitter that works in substations and would love to emigrate to perth or Brisbane and surrounding areas. For some reason cable jointer and overhead lines are listed under electrical distribution tradespeople on the ANZSCO website but my job is not. To get a 190 visa i would need to get my skills swapped over to aussie qualifications, the agent i spoke to said i would have to fiddle it a little bit and try to go via the electrician (general) category. This job is quite abit different from what i do. The fees for this whole process are alot of money and I'm abit worried i will struggle passing an assessment for a job i don't do, plus i will have to get experience once I move to oz including studying oz electricity regs. Who's going to employ me for something I don't have experience or qualifications in!!??Is there anyone who has been in this position and got any advice please? It seems really crazy because my job is advertised by electricity distribution companies in Australia and the description of what I do is on the ANZSCO site but under cable jointer instead of under my trade which doesn't seem to be recognised