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  1. Hello Everyone, Is there a possibility to apply for 190 visa to other state or 189 Visa as in new application while being on 489 Visa? It does look like the current processing time for 887 Visa is close to 2 years now after being eligible to it, which is close to 4 years in a regional area. I would like to know and check the other options as well as in alternative path to move to other states/ cities where there are more job options even though if application fee applies to apply for a 190/189 Visa. This question arises from the thought what happens if I could manage to get more points (70 without state sponsorship) and apply for a new application instead of waiting for 3-4 years to get the PR. Highly appreciate your views on this. Thanks and Regards, RK
  2. RK_190

    489 instead of 190

    Yep, it makes sense from the State's point of view and nicer if they come up with the enforcement to 190 Visa to oblige the rules instead of providing 489 Visa. Would be better if it was mentioned officially in their websites instead of making people to just wait till the end result to see which Visa was allotted. Appreciate your timely response, Marisa
  3. Hello All, I have applied for NT sponsorship for 190 application but I have been offered with 489 visa. I am working full time in my skilled occupation from the last 18 months. I met all the conditions for 190 Visa but still I have been offered with 489 Visa stating that I need to be in NT for at least 3 years to get 190 nomination. However, it was not mentioned in any of the Migration NT websites. Has anyone got the similar response? Regards, RK