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  1. Ausa0000


    Yeah not too many applicants from Northern Tasmania. I only applied recently in mid June 2019. Haven't received anything from the department as of yet. I realise most applicants wait a long time for test invite, but your case gives me hope. Also glad to see that your test was scheduled roughly about a month from the invite. I have heard Melbourne applicants getting an invite for test but it being scheduled for next year 2020. Some say they can reschedule their test earlier but I don't believe that is an option with us in Launceston. Hopefully you will get approval soon and ceremony wait time shouldn't be long compared with those on the mainland. Did you take the test at the Launceston Dept of Human Services and if so did you go to the Centrelink office or somewhere else? Thanks again for providing your info and I will definitely update you if anything changes with my timeline.
  2. Ausa0000


    I can't provide much help but noticed the FOI stated Launceston. Are you applying from Launceston? Just inquiring since that is where I am applying from. Do you mind sharing your timeline such as when you applied and when you received a test invite to give me a possible idea how long it may take. Thanks.
  3. Ausa0000


    I believe this is incorrect. I contacted Home Affairs and they stated that your initial arrival date as well as the date you received permanent residency equal "full days". This means if you receive PR in Jan 1, then you will have completed the one year requirement on Dec 31 and can therefore apply on Jan 1st of the following year so long as you meet the 4 year requirement of being on a valid Australian visa. Many applicants have received approvals this way.
  4. Ausa0000


    Just out of curiosity, did you take the test at a Department of Home Affairs office or a Department of Human Services office?
  5. Ausa0000

    Error in Citizenship application

    Understand meeting the requirements at the time of the application. When you say it will be refused, do you mean you won't be able to proceed with online application if you are lodging too early? Or will it still allow you to apply online but then refuse it 12 months down the road when they look at it?
  6. Ausa0000

    Error in Citizenship application

    Good advice rammygirl, my only fear is by waiting until July 1 and then having the government pass a bill extending the time requirements and having it apply retrospectively back to application received on or after July 1 2019. I am probably way over thinking things though.lol.
  7. Ausa0000

    Error in Citizenship application

    I realise this is an older post, but I had a similar question. I arrived in Australia on a partner visa on June 30 2015 and have been a permanent resident since Nov 27 2017. I am looking to submit my online citizenship application this Jun 30 2019 as it will have been 4 years being in Australia and over 1 year as a permanent resident. The online residence calculator states I am eligible to submit on Jun 30 2019, but will I have a similar problem as nakulm above in trying to submit on that date? Must I wait until July 1 to submit? Will it simply possibly not allow me to submit application on Jun 30. Secondary question, if it does allow me to submit application but I was meant to submit on July, can they reject or deny my application for submitting a day early? I am obviously a bit paranoid about the process and simply want to get it right. Side note, I have not traveled out of the country for more than 60 days in the four years I have lived in Australia and haven't traveled at all in the last year in a half. Thank you for your replies.