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  1. Yes you should always have solid proofs of relationship. To be honest I had uploaded 33 docs for relationship proof and 11 docs for family unit- Those docs are very important. I didnt get CO a chance to ask for anything more. Try to upload all the relationship proofs you have and u will get it within 20 days
  2. @Bretheren There is no processing time which shows in immi account. It just shows either received or further assesment or initial assessment (check my above post) My status went directly from Received to finalised. In my research and experience it completely depends upon your documentation and especially relationship proofs. Make sure you upload whatever you have for the relationship proof
  3. No it was offshore. I dont think that matters if offshore or onshore. If you have proper documentation, thats what matters in the end.
  4. This thread is for 489 subsequent visa only !! So yes it was 489 subsequent entry visa for my wife as I already hold 489
  5. Hello Everyone, With God's Grace Alhamdullilah got the golden email this morning at 11:30 am. I have been an active member of this forum and can't thank enough for the people who are so helping in this forum. Timeline: Visa applied: 28th Aug 2019 Updated date : 29th Aug 2019 Direct Grant: 1st Oct 2019 - No CO contact - My wife did medical the 2nd day after I applied for her visa Latest Updated date : 1st Oct 2019 Remember updated date is the date when CO touches your file. Submitted all the docs 56 attachments slowly during the period of 4 weeks as I had to make word files for photos and then convert them to Pdf. I had uploaded all the docs by 26th Sept 2019 . If you have uploaded all the docs within 30 days its ok- NOTE that in my observation I have seen CO's touching the file immediately after 30 days after you have applied let it be any visa. IMPORTANT to REMEMBER:- If you have done medical and uploaded all the required docs at the start of the application, then you can slowly upload other doccs within 4 weeks which I did. Also I should mention special thanks to @Pradip jung @Avneet @P.P @Zeee Also special Thanks to @Shivam He was really very very helpful and replied to my messages. Best of luck to everyone who are still waiting for the Grant Hope everyone waiting gets their grant soon. Let me know if anyone has any questions. Happy to help as I had done a lot of research before I appplied for 489 visa. My relationship declaration was 3 pages long and same was my wife's declaration.
  6. Anyone got the grant recently ? Any grants . Just wanted to know the recent timeline
  7. I could find the below from the IMMI website The status shows next to your application in 'My applications summary'. Incomplete means you have started but not completed an application. Ready to submit means you have completed an application and can submit. Submitted means you have submitted an application. Received means we have received an application from you and can assess it within the current processing times. Initial assessment means we are assessing your application. Further assessment means we are assessing the information we requested from you. Finalised means we have made a decision. We will notify you by email or post. Note: The application status for My Health Declarations and Partner sponsorship forms will always display a status of submitted and will not change to a status of received.
  8. @Vick Same for me but I applied in ending August
  9. @Vick Hey mate, When did u apply for the visa? What is the status showing for you in the immi account ?
  10. @Avneet Congrats !!! finally the wait is over. Bit it seems that now they are taking 6 months to give a grant
  11. Hi all, Any grants ? Whats the status it shows online, after you submit all the documents? Mine shows “Received”, is this the same for everyone? Does it show Initial assessment after the case officer sees the application? I am also curios as I uploaded the documents slowly on diffferent dates after I submitted the applications. Will the case officer be able to see all the 55 attachments which are uploaded on different date when he sees the file ?
  12. @Pradip jung https://www.pomsinadelaide.com/topic/44612-887-visa-whats-the-update/?page=1490 Follow this forum for 887
  13. Congrats mate finally after 6 months
  14. This predicts that the processiong time has now changed from 4 months to 5 months if we get a direct grant and upload all docs at once
  15. @chiragg Hey congratulations mate. Hope everyone gets grant soon