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    I don't remember the website asking for Australian driver licence. I don't have one but I have a NSW ID card which is usually a valid substitute for Driver licence for verification purposes. Check if you can use that, if you don't have it, it easy to apply for it at the Roads and Maritime services.
  2. Hi Jyachting, I had a friend doing exactly the same GradDip, her assessment was successful and she is already a PR. So good luck to you, please keep us posted:) I am currently pursuing a GradDip in Early childhood Education from University of Southern Queensland and struggling to find information about similar cases. I'd be happy if you could kindly post your AITSL outcome here as your experience will be very helpful. Thank you!
  3. Hi Everyone, I currently live and work in Sydney on a temporary working visa. In addition to that, I am doing a 1 year Graduate Diploma in Education (Early Childhood) from the University of Southern Queensland. The GradDip has 60 days professional supervised practice in it. I was wondering if anyone has done this course/similar course recently and was successful in getting AITSL skills assessment? In the recent years, a lot of Grad Dip programs have been closed down around Australia due to some changes in the teacher registration process so I am a bit worried that I won't be able to get positive outcome. And yeah, I also have a 3 year bachelors degree in business. I'll be glad for any help. Thank you!