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  1. Mandeepk

    Anyone from early childhood teacher field

    I did Early childhood education dictation course online from Canada and I Kam not eligible for assessment from AITSL Australia in order to be eligible for 189 visa as I didn’t do my course from degree awarding institute,.I also full of doubts as don’t know what to do now except of taking that course from degree awarding institute again to be eligible for assessment
  2. Mandeepk

    which visa?

    Hi there can anyone pls guide me which computer course should I choose to do in Canada’s in order to apply for pr of Australia ..I am so confused as I did masters of computer applications and assessed my credentials from Canada and they said my masters degree is equal to master degree in Canada but now I want to update further to Ben accepted in Australia..I hope I am not confusing you but I need guidance on what’s in demand in Au in computer field specially in Melbourne..Thanks in advance
  3. Mandeepk

    Anyone from early childhood teacher field

    No dear they didn’t give me any advise in this
  4. Hi there I did Early childhood education from Canada and want to migrate to Melbourne..But Australian body which assess early childhood overseas documents told me that I did not complete my certification from degree awarding institute from Canada so I am not eligible to assess my documents from them..Can anyone guide me how should I proceed or if I do this certification again from degree awarding institute from Canada will they accept it ? I asked them butthrh don’t guideon selection of courses Any help would be appreciated I want to obtain permanent residency of AU with family