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  1. Tash82


    That is true. If I could get up to speed I would consider it. Thank you very much.
  2. Tash82


    Thanks @Melbpom i did consider it - until embarrassingly my daughter's high school home work had me stumped!! I don't remember learning half the stuff they do now Maybe my brain isn't what it was.
  3. Tash82


    I see what you are both saying but Oz is where my family and I want to settle. We have family there and feel 100% ready for the move. I may go through the process, get there (or not as the case may be) and hate it but its a life goal and in recent years i have come to realise what is important for us and that is to live the life you want. My family and i have moved to another country before so i know things aren't always as they seem and we are not looking at things with rose tinted specs .After over 10 years of working and studying accounts to find it not being in demand is soul destroying so the next best thing for me would be teaching (another passion). I have seen plenty of people retrain to get a visa and had a fab life - others wasted their time. Either profession would be enjoyable to me. Finishing my ACCA makes the most sense. I have contacted Go Matilda this afternoon as both routes look hopeless and hopefully Alan who i spoke with many years ago can help. Thanks for your thoughts guys.
  4. Tash82


    Thanks Phillip. Do you think? It's strange but getting in is slightly more important than my career so may need to look further into teaching if accountancy is a definite no no. Is there a decent points calculator site you would recommend?? I am going to get an agent but want to gather as much info as I can before wasting their time.
  5. Tash82


    Thanks Jon. yes it does make sense, i see what you are saying. I am impatient really so the thought of spending a year finishing one thing to then go on and take more time to do another fills me with dread. Doesn't help my two girls are getting older and are on board just now but teenagers can change their minds v quickly
  6. Tash82


    Hi all, I am at a bit of a crossroads so to speak. After putting my Aussie dream on hold for move to Essex i am very out of the loop. I have 2 plans. One to finish my 3 ACCA exams and become chartered or two, look into becoming a primary school teacher. I have a degree in accounting and have worked in accounts since 2007 so for me this would be the favoured option. I don't think either are now particularity in demand from what I've read, particularly accountant as there are huge pools coming in from Asia. My husband and 2 children were hoping to get a visa for WA - Perth ideally. With the points having increased i think we may struggle. Any advise would be greatly received as there seems to havebeen so many changes. Best. X