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  1. Hi everybody i am after a extra work on Saturday. I live in sydney hoxton park. Currently i have a 2 bedroom granny flat. And also put the ad for sharing 1 room. I have a security licence but no one is willing to give work only for one day(like saturday).Does any one who live closer to hoxton park, can suggest me any job to grab on Saturday. As i am already a permanent employee for mon to fri but as because of being permanent, i get not enough money to cope with my rent and daily expenses. Thats the reason i am desperately after an extra work on Saturday. Thanks everyone.
  2. No mate i have not seen my wife since july 2017 and child since he was born.
  3. I could not visit because of financial problem. And same reason i presented to department. But obviously that is one of their criteria which has to be fullfilled and one of the higher evidence to show legitimacy of husband n wife relationship.
  4. Inshaa allah Allah will make my family together with me. This time gotta go hard with this case.
  5. Sorry lilly i m not sure if i mention about my agent. She is a registered migration agent. Her reviews are exceptionally good.
  6. I checked her reviews which are good for dealing spouse visa, refusal cancellation or tribunal AAT cases.
  7. Thanks lilly. I have found one good one. I checked her review, she is a solicitor and registered migration agent. I found her near where i live. So that i can easily approach her and remain in close contact with my lawyer.
  8. My baby is mashaa allah 1 year 1 month old now. I miss him too much every moment.
  9. Yes mate. I could not afford to go back because bad financial problem. Sydney is too expensive. Rent and job issue always prevented me to go back and see my new born kid and wife. Every moment i have had been cried for not seeing them in person for so long.
  10. Thanks mate for your prayers. I m inshaa allah in a process to get good lawyer. I have to visit my family. It has been 21 months not seeing my family.
  11. Yea mate inshaa allah l ll be together inshaa allah with my kid and wife. My relationship is crystal clear and undoubtedly genuine with my wife.
  12. Thanks for the advise mate. I m gonna have to hire a lawyer now to proceed with AAT.
  13. Mate the reason they gave for not seeing my family back in Pakistan with in this waiting period. They believed relationship had no long term commitment. How it could be much sharing i live in Australia, my wife life apart as in Pakistan. They are reckless and not very logical. I have a new born baby. They did not show any mercy on my baby who is growing up in Pakistan with out father and fatherly love.
  14. Mate the reason they gave for not seeing my family back in Pakistan with in this waiting period.
  15. Mate the reason they gave for not seeing my family back in Pakistan with in this waiting period.