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  1. mundra.rocks

    Change in details

    Hi. I have applied for visa 190 nsw state on December 12,2018. My pcc and medicals are dated October 2018. Now I'm changing jobs. My new job is in a new country. New job starts in may 2019. I'm not sure what all changes in my scenario needs to be communicated to doha for my application. I can think of address change that I need to communicate. Apart from tv t change in job and country.. Do I need to update that as well? Thanks in advance!
  2. You might need to check the skill required for your occupation and your syllabus. But generally it's acceptable.
  3. mundra.rocks

    Education qualification start date not available

    Thanks a lot. Yes. Logically start date should not be an issue. For everything else i have the required documents. Just awaiting nomination or invite now. Thanks!!
  4. mundra.rocks

    NAATI CCL Exam anyone?

    For how much I have read about this exam.. It's a money guzzling scheme.. With people of comfortable high caliber (qualification wise) end up not passing. The marking scheme is opaque and highly subjective. End up applying for revaluations and spending even more money. Exams happen only in Australia making it all the most costlier for offshore clients. I would not go for this if I was at 65 where this 5 also would not give me any substantially brighter chance (in the current scenario of 75 being the minimum for pro rata occupations) I would go for this if I was at 80 (and give it with all I have got. All the money and efforts) where this 5 would seal the deal.
  5. mundra.rocks

    190 NSW EOI - Current wait time

    Submitted for auditor with 80+5. What are the chances?
  6. Hi! So I do not have any document to check my college start date. It was in the year 2008 and ended in 2011. I am taking the date of receipt of degree as my course completion date. But for start date I have no document to check. Generally the session begins around july 1. During my session too, it began around july 1 as far as I remember. However there's no way I can check the same. How relevant is this date? And how should I proceed with this with minimum risk. Thanks!
  7. mundra.rocks

    Invite Rounds Changing to Once Per Month

    DoHA says monthly invites to remain the same. I am betting on double the invites as in Jul 11 round. I feel there'll be no change in total number of invites but just a timing difference of them being rolled out. Exciting times lie ahead nonetheless.
  8. mundra.rocks

    Invite Rounds Changing to Once Per Month

    The overall number of invites have not changed. I feel the department is increasing the processing time from lodging an EOI to final grant. The increased time will make the entire visa process even more tedious and a few candidates are bound to withdraw (for reasons of age as well). To sum up, new visa requirements are 65 points and shitloads of patience. All the best to everybody!!
  9. mundra.rocks

    70 points is not enough!!

    I have applied for a 189 (80 points) and 190 (85 points) with two different EOIs in auditor occupation. Anybody willing to have a second look on my application and comment on the likelihood of the invite? Thanks!