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  1. Emma_Worthy

    Baffled in Bendigo...WHV to 482 (social work)

    thank you very much everyone. I ended up connecting with a migration agent who is going to help me navigate the process. particularly because of all the changes to immigration at the moment. THANK YOU!
  2. Hey Everyone, I'm new to these boards but wondered if you might be able to share some sage wisdom. This is my current situation: - I have just entered the second year of my WHV. I want to remain in the country at the end of this year. I live and work in regional Victoria and my parents are also citizens here (they moved 11 years ago, I have only just joined) - I am a trained social worker, but I have not yet applied for my qualifications to be assessed by AASW but i know there is a very long waiting list. - my current employer is willing to sponsor me for a TSS (482) visa. i am currently doing a role which is not full time and is wellbeing work in a school rather than social work per se. I have spoken to the DIBP contact centre and they have advised that my best course of action would be 482 medium stream, to give me enough time to do the EOI and application process for a 189 (if they should allow me to apply). So my current questions are: 1) do i have to apply to AASW for my qualifications to be assessed if I am already employed by my sponsor? 2) within that application, do I need to pay for the additional assessment of my skilled work experience, or can I just provide that documentation as part of the visa? 3) my employer has never sponsored anyone before (they are a large social care provider in victoria like Anglicare) is it a straightforward process for them? i have looked at the required steps online but just wondered about others experience. Thanks in advance everyone...
  3. Emma_Worthy

    AASW skills assessment processing times...!

    This is really helpful to know. I am currently putting together my application for AASW with a working holiday visa that runs out in May 2019 - better get that application in quick!