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  1. Hi If anyone has had this experience or knows more please advise. My daughter (19) and I have been granted our 309 visa last August and while I've been on shore living and working with my spouse, my daughter complied with her visa conditions and entered Australia within the stipulated time but has since returned to SA because she had registered for her studies before our visa was granted. The 309 allows travel in and out of Australia with no restrictions but is she required to relocate before the 100 visa is granted or within a time frame of the 309 being granted?
  2. Always keep your proof its the only thing that can prove a truthful loving relationship, especially if you are living apart. The 309 is the first part of this visa anyway, Immigration want to be satisfied that is legitimate relationship.
  3. missA

    QLD drivers licence

    Thank you, all sorted.
  4. Hi Tochika This stuff is not for the faint hearted and I know how you feel. I was lucky to get mine granted in ten 10 months. Reading your thread it would seem that you medicals and police clearances have expired by now. Are you dealing with an agent? Have you contacted immigration Pretoria? Im asking because i used an agent and in some instances i had to call Pretoria because my agent wasnt getting back to me in time.
  5. missA

    QLD drivers licence

    Hi Im looking for guidance regarding my drivers licence, I have been granted a 309 partner visa. Can I apply for a QLD drivers licence? I have a valid South African drivers licence. Thanks
  6. Im using an agent. We completed the form and forwarded to agent. I assume she uploads to immi account.
  7. We were asked for a form 40 sp two weeks ago and our application was done online.
  8. CONGRATULATIONS.... I lodged off shore from South Africa. Im also using an agent. I have emailed them twice. The first time i got a generic response the second time i did get a response to say they had requested info from my agent but due to some email glitch we didnt get that request so im so happy i did email. They were reluctant to give me further info and said i should liase with my agent. Also there was a about a two month break between emails since i dont like to worry them unnecessarily.
  9. missA

    rental required in QLD

    Thanks.Looking forward to warmer weather for sure. Its ones and twos here in VIC. Lol. Goodluck and best wishes to you too.
  10. missA

    rental required in QLD

    Thanks Samlab. After a few more emails to different companies we were lucky to get some help. Hoping it all goes well.