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  1. Jonesfamily

    Physiotherapy AHPRA registration without a job offer?

    Hi.. thanks so much for your reply x Yes, we have worked with a migration officer regarding the Visa and questions that we have had... although we have done most of the paperwork ourselves!!!. As far as im aware we were told that the age limit is 50 for the job sponsorship, and after the 3 year period we can then apply for residency. It really is the AHPRA issue that we have a query with at this stage.. do you know anything about that? Xx.
  2. Hi, Any help would be really appreciated!!.. We are a family of 5 trying desperately to move to Brisbane. After 3.5 very long years of trying to sort a 189 Visa, re-taking Physiotherapy exams to transfer to equivalency and not to mention a huge outlay, we have missed out by the massive increase of points now needed to apply for the 189. Not to be disheartened in October 2019 we had 2 months left before my husbands 45th birthday to apply for a State nominated Visa.. but sadly that took too long and we have now missed out on that too. As my husband has passed the exams necessary at the APC, we have now the final option to hopefully be sponsored by a job and move over by that route - still hanging in there! My query is: AHPRA have said he can only register in person (which is fine he was going to "Pop" over for a long weekend and just hand the form in and return to the UK!!) - however, it does say that a job offer is necessary?? Has any one in the Physiotherapy profession managed to get a job offer whilst still in the UK without having registered with the AHPRA first?.. or alternatively, managed to register with AHPRA without a job offer whilst not living in Australia? We REALLY don't want t give up on our dream for us and our three children but it seems we are coming up against barrier after barrier at the moment!! If anyone has a positive outcome from a similar situation it would be REALLY good to hear!! Thank you for any help xx!!
  3. Jonesfamily

    EOI query

    #shaundennis Thank you, yes that makes sense, we are so close to applying , just dont want to stumble at this hurdle!...its great to get all this advice, thank you.
  4. Jonesfamily

    EOI query

    Thank you so much #ambersnowball and #31Hillbury... Yes I think November as well..but hoping fingers crossed works for October!!.. We have booked the test for this Sunday, but there is a slim window to retake which will probably be the Pte, thanks so much for the advice.. this has been a long journey to just get to this point of the process, and we havent even tacked the Visa yet!!
  5. Jonesfamily

    EOI query

    Sorry.. the test date is this Saturday for the English and they have said that we will get the results on the 11th October. When applying for the EOI, they only do one run a month now which is on the 11th of each month, and I was hoping that when we submitted our application it may be included in the October run, but I think if we do it on the 11th October it will be put to the 11th November run.. it is what is.. time-wise we are tight. Yes, thanks for that, we have looked at the points system and should be ok for 75. Thank you for replying!
  6. Jonesfamily

    EOI query

    Hi, random question!!...my husband is due to take the English Language test needed for the EOI, and the results are due on the 11th October... As this is the next available run (11th of each month), does anyone know if we can submit a EOI application on this day and it be included in the October run, or does it have to be before the 11th of each month?. We are working to an unbearably tight deadline as my husband turns 45 at the beginning of January 2020, hence the need to get it in asap!!! Thanks so much in advance for any help x