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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, Any help would be really appreciated!!.. We are a family of 5 trying desperately to move to Brisbane. After 3.5 very long years of trying to sort a 189 Visa, re-taking Physiotherapy exams to transfer to equivalency and not to mention a huge outlay, we have missed out by the massive increase of points now needed to apply for the 189. Not to be disheartened in October 2019 we had 2 months left before my husbands 45th birthday to apply for a State nominated Visa.. but sadly that took too long and we have now missed out on that too. As my husband has passed the exams necessary at the APC, we have now the final option to hopefully be sponsored by a job and move over by that route - still hanging in there! My query is: AHPRA have said he can only register in person (which is fine he was going to "Pop" over for a long weekend and just hand the form in and return to the UK!!) - however, it does say that a job offer is necessary?? Has any one in the Physiotherapy profession managed to get a job offer whilst still in the UK without having registered with the AHPRA first?.. or alternatively, managed to register with AHPRA without a job offer whilst not living in Australia? We REALLY don't want t give up on our dream for us and our three children but it seems we are coming up against barrier after barrier at the moment!! If anyone has a positive outcome from a similar situation it would be REALLY good to hear!! Thank you for any help xx!!
  2. We do need applicants to have full AHPRA registration but are able to offer sponsorship for the right candidate. Could be ideal for someone who is locuming on a working holiday visa and thinking about staying: https://cerebralpalsy.mercury.com.au/ViewPosition.aspx?id=H+VJo7z+MKM=&jbc=ere
  3. Hi, I am currently applying for registration as a physiotherapist with AHPRA. The application states that if an applicants qualifications were obtained more than 5 years ago they are required to provide documented evidence that they have practiced physio within those 5 years. Can anyone help with what actual documented evidence they require?? Many thanks for any help at all!!
  4. Irisheyes010

    Visa issues- please advise

    Hi, I'm a Sports Physio in the UK looking to relocate with my partner and son to Sydney suburbs. No family in Aus. According to the Visa Bureau of Aus, I do not qualify for a Skilled Visa application even though Sports Physio is mentioned in the Physio category.. I contacted the Physio Council of Aus (application process guys) who think because it is "Sports" it is classed as a Sports Exercise career. I contacted ESSA (Sports Exercise thing in Aus) who said that because it is Physical Therapy... I need to speak to the Physio Council. After forwarding that message to the Physio Council, they said to speak to the APA (Australian Physio Association) but they said because it is BSc Sports Physio and not BSc Physio, I do not qualify. I applied for various jobs to try an seek employed sponsored visa and no luck. I also placed an interest on Skill Select. Having said all that, my partner is an Author which is not on the SOL list. Apart from winning the lottery and getting in through the Rich man Visa approach or purchasing a business, what is the best approach to move to Aus? Thank you for your time Frustrated B :mad:
  5. Hi everyone. I have a question I hope you can help me with; I am going back to school next years so I can get an occupation on the SOL since my current occupation (Dietitian) is no longer on the list. So I am thinking of getting a BSc degree in: Nursing, Physiotherapy or Occupational therapy. Nursing isn't my first choice though since I wouldn't like to work with injuries or something like that (but I would do it anyway just to get the best opportunity to move to Australia). Can somebody tell me if it is much easier to move to Australia if you are a nurse or is being in physio or OT just as "easy"? Also I saw on Seek.com.au that Nursing is divided into different areas such as: Aged care, Management,.... Where I live we don't have different schools (except for Midwifery) - we only have "Nursing". So I was wondering if I would have to get some additional education in one of those areas? Thank you for your answers.
  6. landr

    Physiotherapy registration

    hi guys, New to the forum and looking for some advice. I am a permanent resident currently in England with my boyfriend. We are looking to come back to Australia next year but just looking at the options for his career. We are trying to find the best but also cheapest viable option. The partner visa works out better than a skilled migration visa for him based on the cost of visas. However, can anyone tell me if a skilled migration visa includes trades tests and everything needed that he wouldn't then have to do exams and clinicals with the board of physios? My last question is...is it still possible for him to register as a physio in New Zealand and then use the trans-tasman agreement to work in Australia or does anyone know if options like this have been scrapped. The cost different is quite substantial...its about £615 pounds for new Zealand registrations compared to about £2000 for Australian. I know this isn't the ideal way to go about things but it would save us an incredible amount of money. Thanks in advance for any replies Laura:smile:
  7. Hi all, my mum is a physiotherapy technician in the the UK and is looking to move over to Australia (we are already in Perth and have PR visa). Can anyone shed any light on the following; What is the Australian equivalent to a Physiotherapist Technician is it the same as the UK or does this role even exist in Aus? What sort of money do these roles pay in Australia, i appreciate excact figures would be difficult but even vague ball parks would be helpful. Would it possible to get a skilled visa as a result of being a Physiotherapist Technician. Would the fact that we (me and partner) are over here on a PR visa lend any weight to the application? Sorry for any mistakes or misinformation as i am not the PT my mum is so i'm asking on her behalf and may have lost some info in translation. Thanks. Laurie :notworthy:
  8. Guest


    hi all, I'm starting,what I feel is going to be a long road(!) to applying for a visa for Oz.I'm a physiotherapist working for the NHS with over 12 years experience.I know that physiotherapy is on the skilled visa's list but does anyone have any experience of trying to get registered to work in Oz. Do i need to have already done the australian physiotherapy council's exam BEFORE i can start the visa process? Any help anyone could offer would be really great thanks sarah:cute:
  9. Hi, I am 36 years old and hoping for a career in physiotherapy. I have noticed this is a job in demand in Australia. Would I have a better chance of emigration if I study in Australia rather than Britain. Is physiotherapy in demand in Brisbane/Gold Coast? Please help xxx:cute::smile::v_SPIN: