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    Working in the mines- ex British Army.

    I appreciate you took the time to write this. I wanted some info and you gave me more than enough. If in not qualified, I'm not qualified simple as that. I thought it was worth a try but I haven't really been informed as much about it as you have just done. I guess I'll stick to operating in the UK! Thanks again.
  2. Luke241294

    Working in the mines- ex British Army.

    A lateral transfer with in the army do you mean? I don't intend to stay in Australia indefinitely. I appreciate your reply.
  3. Luke241294

    Working in the mines- ex British Army.

    Thanks for replying, very helpful. Do you think it would be easy to know someone currently working in the mines/can put me in touch with companies? How did you first get onto the mines, what is your trade?
  4. Hello people! I have a few questions for anyone with mining experience or anyone with some knowledge of the mining world. I'm a British soldier shortly terminating my service to try pursue a career in the mine, in WA. Below I'll list some qualifications I have and i would like to know if they would be valued In the mines. Moblile Crane license NPORS (experienced with Terex AC35 medium mobility 30T crane) Slinger & signaller Crane supervisor Self loading dump truck Full hazardous goods license. HGV licenses. I'd really appreciate any Info given it means a lot! Thanks in advance.