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Found 33 results

  1. Hello people! I have a few questions for anyone with mining experience or anyone with some knowledge of the mining world. I'm a British soldier shortly terminating my service to try pursue a career in the mine, in WA. Below I'll list some qualifications I have and i would like to know if they would be valued In the mines. Moblile Crane license NPORS (experienced with Terex AC35 medium mobility 30T crane) Slinger & signaller Crane supervisor Self loading dump truck Full hazardous goods license. HGV licenses. I'd really appreciate any Info given it means a lot! Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me? I'm from Perth and i'm looking for work in the mines as a cleaner. does anyone know how to go about getting a job? or have any information on it please? anything would be helpful Thanks
  3. Hi Everyone, im an electrician waiting to do my practical vetassess exam in February, I was wondering if anyone could let me know what to expect and what to revise? especially for the theory part?. ive worked in perth for 2 years on a holiday visa on 2 mine sites, also i have a WA and a SA electrical licence, so if i can help anyone with information i will....
  4. hi all i am looking at jobs for diesel fitters in the mines in w a, any info or advice please i am 42 and been a mechanic all my working life, might goto the australia expo in london but hear its a complete waste of time????????? mal se london:)
  5. spud-u-like

    Pilbara Mines

    Hi All, Ive been offered a position with a large mining company in the Pilbara region of WA, I'll initially be on a years unaccompanied probation but guaranteed Oz residency (initially going on a 457 visa) on completion. The company have offered me 8 weeks on, 2 wks off, flying back to my family back in the UK all paid for, or they will fly my wife over. My questions are - 1. What would be a great place to live in this area (coastal preferably) 2. Can anyone recommend a good property agent 3. Has anyone got any advise on fly in/fly out contracts Many thanks in advance Spudulike:biggrin:
  6. Hi, can any one with give advice on who to get in contact with for chef jobs in the mine sites In Perth? Currently in England and will be permanently moving in the summer next year with family. I am currently head chef at the Turner contempory art gallery Margate and have worked at the Dorchester London. Any help would great:
  7. Would really appreciate hearing from any carpenters who have or are working in the mines FIFO Perth WA..... want to know all the good and the bad points... Also whats employment like out there for the construction industry? whats the rate of pay like for site foremans and can anyone recommend any reputable companies?
  8. My husband is an electrician and thinking of applying for a job in the mines once we arrive. Wonder how easy it is to get work in the mines, is money really that good, what are conditions like etc etc
  9. Just wondering about, money, conditions etc
  10. So i have been in Perth for about a month now... and i am sitting waiting for my golden egg to be laid? So far i have found out that 2 of my collegues have been snatched by the evil mines.. with promises of light duties and endless hours of counting their cash... but nothing for me... "sniff" So how long do i wait out? i have mentioned at work that my lack of enthusiasm is based on me saving my self for the mines... funny.. they cant take a joke... but judging by the rent prices.. Landlords like a laugh... or we are all on mining wages.. except me oh well onwards and upwards on a related note.. i was asked to talk to another consultancy... In Brisbane.... but i've just got here..! no thank you... ask me in 6 months..:err:
  11. I would like to obtain a job nursing in the mines, oil or gas industries. Does anyone have any contacts and know roughly the salary a nurse could earn there? Have heard that working in these industries is very lucrative.At the moment I work as a community nurse in Perth. Thanks :radar: Debbie G
  12. Hi all I am a 36 yr old male. My background is in mechanical/electrical engineering through 15 yrs as a maintenance engineer with Ford Motor Company. I am now working for Bombardier Transportation in the rolling stock industry. I have a vast engineering background and a degree in Electronics. My family and I moved to Perth Mid 2009 but returned to the UK 12 months later because of a relative being ill. We have no ties in the UK now and wish to return to Perth this year but I am trying to secure a job first, preferably a FIFO role. I also already have a PR visa. Why is it soooo difficult to get an opportunity in the mines when apparently they are crying out for skilled people? Any contacts/ideas would be greatly recieved. Thanks guys and gals Jon
  13. Can any one tell me about carpentrs jobs on mines. my family and I will be in perth by the 16 aug 2011 . How do you get these jobs?how much do you get payed? what hours do you work? what are the conditions like? thanks gary
  14. Hi does anyone know a carpenter or builder looking for a hard working experienced carpenter on permanent visa. If so pls contact me. Kind Regards..
  15. cartertucker

    Working in the mines ~ WA

    My 18 year old Son is thinking about working in the mines when we move to WA Can anyone give us any information please :cute:
  16. i have a job offer to work as a heavy plant fitter in the lady annie mine in nothern qld, anyone else work in the mines.... ill be flying in and out of townsville which looks great, however im wondering what life in the mine for 2 weeks at a time will be like... Phil :unsure:
  17. Hi all, I am hoping to find some work as a carpenter on the mines, a fly in fly out position (from Brisbane preferably). Does anybody have any good contacts or advice on me getting my foot in the door? I have my certIII in carpentry and have previously worked similar rosters from a fifo position from the UK to the West Indies and so am used to the lifestyle. I'm wondering if i should go ahead and do the mine certifications, medicals etc before i get offered a position or wait and see. Any advice would be appreciated. Regards, Billy
  18. Guest

    Working in Mines WA

    Hi guys We are a family of 4 considering moving at some point to Perth. Currently we are in Adelaide and doing alright but feel something is missing. I visited Perth in December to visit a good friend and loved the feel of the area ( Joondulup). My understanding is Perth is slighty more expensive than Adelaide and I dont want to forfeit what we have here to struggle in a new city but I cant shift that "what if feeling" My hubby is a plumber and has been working successfully in SA pretty much as soon as we got of the plane and is just finishing his Cert 4 at Tafe. What would he need to do to get work in the mines as a plumber ?? Generally what is the average wage for Plumbers in WA mines and Plumbers in general ? Thanks in advance for any input and help offered.:biggrin:
  19. Hi just wondering how to get my foot in the door of the mines. I have a 15 years experience as a fitter including a 6 year apprenticeship. Hydraulics Pnuematics Electrics Machining welding fabricating. Along side that i have a degree in aeronautical engineering but would love to get into the mines as i need a career away from aircraft. Any hot tips as sending a resume out does nothing.
  20. I am surprised these jobs havent been snapped up,,,, MORE than 1500 jobs in the Bowen Basin are going begging despite salaries worth close to half a million dollars for executives and some companies offering free home loans to employees. Full article here - http://www.couriermail.com.au/business/mining-bowen-basin-mining-jobs-unfilled-despite-incentives/story-e6freqmx-1226052111701 Cal x
  21. I am skilled to NVQ 3 and BTEC in Mechanical Engineering and want to move to Australia. The plan is a 2 year working holiday visa to prove myself with a mining company hopefully and gaining a 457 sponsership leading to permaneny residency. Does anyone have any experience in this in Western Australia specifically. My number one choice would be the Gold Coast but for well paid mining work I understand Perthish area is my best choice Any help greatly appreciated. I have no ties and am willing to move asap
  22. Guest

    Mines / FIFO

    Gosh, am I really writing this ?? Thinking of doing a pong back to OZ. Trying to explore the possibility of working in the mines. I am an electrician on the very wrong side of 30. Any pointers,advise,experiences?? Is it at all possible to secure a job from the U.K or best to start the search/process while over in OZ ?
  23. Hi wonder if anyone has any idea what a training coordinator in the mines get for wages . We had an email this morn from a company , they matched my husband with that job . I have looked everywhere to find what the wages are , we know its FIFO which isn't problem with us because we are used to that being a forces family . The reason i'm asking for help is i have googled till my head is going pop :biglaugh: and i need to send the info to hubby who is at sea at present so want to give him as much info as possible Thanks Brideycollette :hug:
  24. Guest

    mines mines mines

    Hey everyone im sure alot of you have been told at some point or another you should go up to the mines they are crying out for peaple and you could earn mega bucks ,well im a heavy vehicle /truck mechanic fully qualified and 21 years of age eager to sample work in the mines what i was wondering is has anybody got any real life experiance of finding jobs in the mines i am torn between finishing my vettesses application waiting about 7 months and getting a 475 regional visa with a view to getting pr or packing my bags and just chancing it on a 1 year working holiday visa and bang on every mines door do you think i would have any sucsess with finding a sponcer on a working holiday any help would be great also any help at all with sponcership i wouldent mind working in the city or suberbs of perth thankyou in advance
  25. jen16

    Work in the mines

    Hey there, i am new so bear with me if I have posted in the wrong place! we are looking to come and work in Australia for 2 or 3 years. Hubby is a Mine Deputy. We have 2 children aged 5 and 3. My question is is there a visa for us that does not involve actually emmigrating? thank you :wink: