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  1. Hi guys Bought our first Campervan in January we love it go everywhere in it and love free camping and meet great people [emoji2]
  2. Hi Paul. Been here 19 months can say this, miss family but will never go back only for holidays [emoji106]
  3. kelv

    Offered a job in Melbourne...

    145k a year is a fantastic wage I’m half that. We live in Melbourne it’s what you make it and I’ve never regretted moving here beaches and parks are free clean and tidy and people are so much nicer [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  4. kelv

    Motor mechanic

    Use techs on the move I did they are brilliant
  5. kelv


    Had my first carp fishing experience in oz today on Albert park lake and caught some nice commoners [emoji106]
  6. kelv

    Any motor mechanic got approval?

    Hi mand88 I'm on a 186 visa with PR and we came to Melbourne start of January this year. Started my application back in March last year in uk was a long process. I had to do a vetasses skills test for Australia even though I have city&guilds and a master tech for a premium brand motor company. Be aware as I found out my qualifications don't transfer this side of the pond even though I'm working for the same manufacturing car company just in a different country which is a load of bureaucratic tape rubbish. .
  7. kelv

    Dog stress

    Oh yeh used pet air uk they where fab 100% professional Kelv
  8. kelv

    Dog stress

    Hi Phil we arrived in Melbourne in January 2017 ahead of us was our 2 dogs and we where constantly updated on how they was doing at the quarantine centre. They are well looked after there and you should of heard them when we picked them up which was priceless but not cheap. Couldn't dream of leaving them even though they can been a pain. Kelv
  9. kelv

    How much

    Good news came today Got our PR just looking at driving licences cost to swap over from UK not cheap unless you go for a 3 year one
  10. kelv


    Best fish [emoji476] next to a public barber then
  11. kelv


    Sure is Bobj for a change ? only thing what will feel different is not putting the carp back might see what they taste like ? Thanks Kelv
  12. kelv


    Gday bobj Yeh got my licence for a year was $33 Thanks Kelv
  13. kelv


    Been to Kmart today and bought a rod and some tackle to get me going [emoji106] Cheers kelv
  14. kelv


    Hi Briandi Thanks for that we have been here in Melbourne for 5 months now and haven’t started fishing yet. Lot of people have told me not to realise the carp as they are considered pests Will also try a bit of sea fishing to. Many thanks Kelv
  15. kelv

    city and guilds Australian equivalent

    I've just moved to Melbourne yesterday on a 457 visa,my city and guilds where not recognised here and had to take a skills test conducted by vetassess so I could work in australia,my advise is speak to a migration adviser.