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  1. Hi With all these changes in the occupations list I´m still a little bit lost I´ve done some research and it looks like Other Sports Coach or Instructor might have been originally in the list of eligible occupations for a 189 visa. But now it doesn´t seem to appear either in the MLTSSL or in the List of Removed Occupations http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Work/Work/Skills-assessment-and-assessing-authorities/skilled-occupations-lists/mltssl https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Work/Work/Skills-assessment-and-assessing-authorities/skilled-occupations-lists/removed-skilled-occupations I guess that the occupation is no longer valid to apply for a 189 visa
  2. And again, a new change to the situation. The last few months have been like a rollercoaster. I hope you guys don't have to go through something similar to this I just received an email from the Police. They are DROPPING CHARGES so that means they will give me my passport back as I don't have a court date anymore. I'm free but will be asked to leave and because I'm on a BVE, I will get a 3 year re-entry ban for temporary visas Now I really need to find a way to come back to Australia and after hours of researching I was thinking that I might be able to apply for a 189 or 190 Skill Visa as it is a Permanent Visa, I'm soccer coach and Sports Coach is on the Combined list of eligible skilled occupations. Would that be a realistic scenario? It is quite expensive so I just want to be sure that there are reasonable chances of success
  3. As I said, the police applied for a Bail Variation so they could return the passport to me. I thought it was going to be pretty much straight forward... but nope ! The magistrate refused the application because he thought it would make no sense to make me leave the country at this point and with a Court Hearing in June. So that's good because it looks like I will be able to stay lawfully a little bit longer in Australia... but it might seriously damage my chances of getting the 3 year ban waived as Immigration wants me to depart Australia ASAP and I'm basically doing the opposite. But this is far from what I wanted. Yes, I can stay in Sydney with unrestricted working rights... but nobody wants to hire someone on a BVE expiring in a few weeks.
  4. Thanks for the answers Well, the reason why I overstayed was a stupid mistake. I was asked by the case officer to send all the paperwork to a certain email address and what I did was replying the same email address with all the paperwork attached. Careless and costly mistake but in the end it was my mistake. It would have been a pretty much straight forward application and I'm sure it would've been easily granted The reason why I didn't realise something was not OK was that right after I sent all my paperwork my school asked me to attend the mandatory orientation day and then I started school normally and had satisfactory attendance (stated in a certificate) for the whole first term. I was a little bit concerned about the fact that I got no answer from Immigration, but I thought that my school confirming my enrolment was a clear sign of my visa granted. I mean... I paid for my school, attended to school and my visa was mostly going to be granted. There was no reason for me to deliberately overstay my visa in this case. And now the criminal thing... If I wasn't sure that I'm innocent I wouldn't even try to do anything cause I know a criminal record will mostly kill any chances of getting a new visa for Australia. I'm 99% sure I will be proved not guilty (If they let me be here for my court date) So basically my plan is trying to waive PIC 4014 on the grounds of genuine studying intentions and there might be a chance I could use my volunteer soccer coaching for compassionate or compelling circumstances that affect the interest of Australian citizens. The kids and parents really like me because I come from overseas and Australia don't have enough qualified soccer coaches and I would let them down If I'm not allowed to come back because the season has just started. I might succeed or not, but I think I might have a small chance. If any MARA agent on this forum reads this and wants to take my case or have a further chat, feel free to PM me.
  5. Hello again.This case is so complex that not even Immigration or the police knew what to do, and that's why I'm in a delicate situation now. I just want to find the better option and then hire a MARA Agent to help me with the caseAs I posted a few months ago, I overstayed my tourist visa for 3-4 months. The reason is that I lodged a Student Visa application on shore and it was invalid because I sent the documents to the wrong email address. During those 3/4 months I attended to my school and I have a certificate proving my satisfactory school attendance. So that means I had genuine intentions of studyingThen I was granted a Bridging Visa E which would give me a 3 year re entry ban once I leave the countryBefore I could leave the country I was charged with Break and Enter and Steal crime by the police. They confiscated my passport so that I couldn't leave the country. I pleaded not guilty and the court date is on June.Immigration has been granting me BVE's every month since then. I even got working rights approved 2 months ago because of financial hardshipThe BIG PROBLEM is just about to happen. Immigration has been pressing the police to either give me my passport or grant me a Criminal Justice Visa, something that they are not going to do as it is too expensive for themTurns out that the police has applied for a Bail Variation to give me my passport back, and once this happens I will be asked to leave the countryNow I want to know what options do I have to come back to Australia. I can just think of- Apply for a Student Visa and try to waive the 3 year ban.Main problem is that it will be too expensive. I would need to pay for the visa + first term which is already $2000 and then flights, MARA agent...- Apply for a Tourist Visa and try to waive the 3 year banI could probably get the 3 year ban waived with the excuse of needing to be in Australia in June and going to court. Then I could try a Student Visa on shore again. Not sure if that would work thoughEverything looks difficult at this stage, but one of the biggest reasons that makes me want to fight so hard to stay here is that I love soccer and here in Australia I've been working as soccer coach for many different teams and age groups. It's well paid here but I'm currently doing some volunteering for youth clubs too and I will let them down if I leave and never come backI think there might be some arguments to use in my favour- Coaching and developing soccer in the Australian community. Families, kids, players... 90% are Australian citizens- Satisfactory school attendance (genuine studying intentions)- Pending court date (not guilty) and I'm really confident that I will win the case- Unfair treatment leading to financial hardship (not allowed to work or leave the country for 4 months)
  6. Rozelle

    Misunderstanding led to Overstay

    Hello I went to No Borders Group offices and they basically told me that there's nothing they can do. When I applied for the Student Visa I was still on a Visitor Visa, but when the application was declared Invalid and I submitted it again, I was under no visa anymore. And now I've obviously overstayed for the first term of the course so I guess that the 3 year ban is the most likely scenario if I talk to the DIAC and leave the country by myself.
  7. Rozelle

    Misunderstanding led to Overstay

    Thank you for your answer. It really helped me to understand my situation a little bit more. I thought about overstaying for 2 years until I finish my course, but I'm afraid it's too risky and will probably get caught as I'm working as part time sports coach for children and my ABN and TFN numbers will expose me at the end of the financial year and the DIAC will arrest me Is there any chance I can contact the DIAC and tell them what happened? Otherwise the only thing that I can do is leaving the country and trying to get a waiver so I can apply for a Student Visa offshore. But nobody guarantees that I can get that waiver. In fact I guess it would be reallty difficult to get. I have a fantastic relationship with the kids and their families, but I guess there's nothing they could do either
  8. Rozelle

    Misunderstanding led to Overstay

    Hello Before I start writing my story I'd like to say that I understand how the Immigration department works here in Australia and therefore I honestly think there's nothing I can do rather than leave the country with a 3 year ban. But I really want to fight till the end because I love this country. I came to Australia this year and stayed for 4 months on a Visitor Visa, a visa than ran out at the beginning of June. Just one day before my visa expired I applied for a Student Visa onshore. As I didn't have enough money on my account yet, I went to the immigration office and told them that I wanted to apply for a Bridging Visa D. Reason is that I didn't have the money to pay for the Student Visa at that moment, but a transfer from my Spanish bank account was on its way so I would be able to pay for it a few days later. I was told in the office that I should apply for a Student Visa instead. They told me that if I applied right there in the office, I wouldn't need the CoE and that's what I did. A few days later I received a notification saying that my application was invalid because they couldn't take the money from my credit card. I went to the bank and they told me that my credit card was blocked because they detected a scamming device in one of the ATM's I used to withdraw my money and that a new credit card would take a few days to arrive to my bank branch. explained this by email to immigration and told them that I could pay cash or bank transfer, but my new credit card would take a few days to arrive. They told me that credit card was the only valid method, so my application was declared invalid. I went to immigration to fill the application again and this time I received an email saying that the application was invalid again because without a CoE they could not grant me a visa (they told me a totally different thing in the office) and that because of the application being invalid I was not under and bridging visa and therefore I was an unlawful citizen That same day I paid the CoE and answered the email providing my CoE number hoping that everything was fine. Never got an answer back. Now I realize that my mistake was providing my CoE by answering the email instead of filling the Student Visa form again with everything updated. My course started just a few days after and I've been attending to school since then. I have 80% attendance and I'm really interested in this course because I need it to find a job in my home country. But because a big misunderstanding I'm currently under no visa I'm aware that many people come to Australia and try to overstay to earn more money or whatever. But that's clearly not my case. I can prove that all the details from my story are 100% true. I can provide a certificate from my NAB bank confirming that the credit card story is true I can provide a certificate from a Hotel in the Canary Islands in which one of the managers confirms that with this course I would be offered a job there I can prove that my school attendance is satisfactory I've spent a lot of money on my course and I really need the certificate before I go back to my country. And I have the feeling that the visa was going to be granted with no problem at all. It was just invalid for a reason that I couldn't predict and a big misunderstanding I know that I should've contacted the immigration office earlier, but I was really scared as I was unlawful citizen out of nowhere and I've never had any kind of problem with police or something. I really didn't know what to do. Now that my first school term is over I have time to solve this situation. I'm not one of those overstayers who plays the "oh, I didn't realize I had to leave" card. My situation is very different and I've spent a lot of money and effort to study that course as it would open many doors for me back in my country. Is there really no chance to fix my situation here?