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  1. Hi I’m from Perth 25 mnths still waiting anybody else from Perth
  2. Hi I went to my lawyer they said current time in wa is 29 months as mine was filed in June 2017 it’s already 2 years 1mnth no news yet
  3. Hi I’m from Perth it’s 23 mnths no news yet
  4. Hi is it 575 working days or normal
  5. Hi already 23 mnths restaurant manager perth wa
  6. Applied In june 2017 nothing heard yet
  7. Yes it’s through an agent
  8. Yes it’s restaurant manager 187 perth they said employer will not pay me next 2 years but it’s already 2 years and I’m getting my pay and restaurant is in profit
  9. Hi mine is nearly 2 years june 2017 no news yet
  10. Sahib

    AAT request further documents

    No nothing yet may be 1 more yr my agent told me
  11. I applied in June. 2017 already 13 months
  12. Sahib

    AAT request further documents

    hi i am on AAT my owner now want to sell his business and buyer is happy to take business with same company name and abn number but he want to change business name do you think it has any negative impact on my appeal  please reply Tia
  13. Sahib

    AAT request further documents

    Hi mine is also refused June 2017 and applied for ATT but my agent said it takes 2 years to open file I’m in wa Perth how come urs so quick
  14. Sahib

    AAT request further documents

    As I applied my AAT on 21 June 2017 it’s nearly a year nothing heard yet?