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  1. Thanks that's really helpful, i will contact them. We were both born in the UK. We moved to Australia for good reasons and here is now home, it's all my twins know. I'm not keen to uproot them, especially since hubby has not returned for good or because he loves the UK. I don't want to uproot the children (eldest is in important school year) to then find us following him again at short notice in a year or two time to somewhere else.
  2. Thanks both. Husband is in the UK. We are not officially separated in that he has not told me he has left me as such, but he has taken a job on the other side of the world ' for a year or so'. Things are strained to say the least so yes I am worried enough to post on here......I want to try salvage things but need to understand the risks. He could come here for Christmas but it would just be a few days so I was thinking of taking the children over for the full 6 week summer (or rather UK winter) stint. Things could go great during our time there but it could also be the end and I want to understand if things turn sour could he insist the children stay in the UK after a 2 month trip? My eldest is almost adult but my 2 youngest are both only 3 years old.
  3. I've read this entire thread, but still have a query. My children and I live in Aus. My husband has just taken a job and moved overseas. We are not officially separated (other than literally by miles). I'm thinking of taking the children to spend Xmas and January with him. If we did that and things turned sour could he refuse them flying back? Could we get stuck overseas? Would having a return ticket and a tenancy here be enough to show this is the childrens home? I'm trying to be the bigger person and do the right thing taking my 3 children to follow him, but i'm now worried that it could be foolish.