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  1. PFC1975

    Prison officer

    As mentioned it’s not on the skills list currently We came out on 489 visa under Corrections Officer in 2017 started application in 2014 As an ex UK Prison Officer I looked at this constantly and the only place that had this on its skills list was the Northern Territory It removed it in 2018 My advice check the Northern Territory skills list periodically as it may come back you never know
  2. PFC1975

    Do you consider yourself Australian?

    Never heard Addeedas in England The day I say the colour Maroon like an Australian Mar-Roan is the day I cut my tongue out Place names I’ll give you yes pronounce as said in the country but other words, names and various things no I’m happy sticking with my accent and pronunciation unless really needed I’ve had this conversation with other English people here and Aussies who’ve noticed that Australians struggle to correctly pronounce sometimes European places or names especially surnames correctly. The sometimes say them literally rather than how that European country of most of Europe may pronounce it . I’ve particularly noticed it with sports stars in Australia surnames of European origin pronounced completely wrong here I think it may come down to exposure they just aren’t exposed to the word as often
  3. PFC1975

    Do you consider yourself Australian?

    To be a good citizen yes
  4. PFC1975

    Do you consider yourself Australian?

    Agreed I also don’t run around with some ridiculous nationalistic pride about how great the UK is . I have always loved sport that’s my Achilles heel for following England etc it’s not a tap you can just switch on or off
  5. PFC1975

    Do you consider yourself Australian?

    It’s an individual feeling on peoples own experiences or circumstances We just got Australian citizenship back in November and received our passports recently. I moved here aged 41 I’m English and always will be . I will always support England or Great Britain at any sport I just can’t turn off 40 years We are over the moon to get Australian citizenship it was always our end goal and embrace the lifestyle here . To have dual citizenship is just fantastic but ultimately our main aim was to get it for our daughter aged 9 She’s been here since the age of 4 and acts and talks more and more like an Australian which is fine and what is expected. She is already leaning towards Australia and we would never discourage that here is her home and ours now
  6. PFC1975


    We’re in NT Process from applying, test , approval, ceremony and getting passports which arrived last week. Took 8 months to do the whole lot
  7. PFC1975


    We both received an email but then about a week or so later my partner & daughter who’s 9 both received a letter . I never received a letter . Then the day after the ceremony I received an email which had attached the letter they received about 6-8 weeks before. Go figure
  8. PFC1975


    Did our citizenship ceremony on Monday and applied for our passports yesterday Fantastic to be done We are in Darwin Here’s our rough application process from the beginning OCT 2014 - Applied for visa APR 2016 - Granted 489 Visa JAN 2017 - Arrive Australia FEB 2019 - Apply for PR MAY 2020 - Granted PR MAY 2021 - Apply Citizenship JUN 2021 - Citizenship Test JUl 2021 - Citizenship Approved NOV 2021 - Citizenship Ceremony DEC -2021 - Apply Passports
  9. PFC1975

    Migration experts

    We used Go Mathilda for 489 Visa in UK and PR in Australia Excellent throughout
  10. PFC1975


    Citizenship Date Lodged - 15th May 2021 Citizenship Test - 3rd June 2021 So waited just under 3 weeks from lodging application to doing the test just waiting now to hear back & then a ceremony date
  11. PFC1975

    Moving to Darwin

    Wow So much scaremongering written in this thread We moved from England now been in Darwin for 4 & half years. The crime rate it seems higher as what’s taken into account is Indigenous crime on Indigenous which 99% doesn’t affect most people of course it’s a situation that needs sorting out but that’s another long story for another day I and my family have had no crimes committed against us whilst here & hardly know any clues friends who have the crime you might get in Darwin is generally perceived as lower level or petty crime want for a better word. Unlike larger cities you very very rarely get shootings, stabbing s & serious assaults figures might show maybe more crime but a lot less hard or serious crime High unemployment complete rubbish so many jobs here it’s in fact one of the lowest unemployment rates for children & families it’s a fantastic place kids can be kids longer . Lots of stuff put on for free often Darwin has Haileybury school one of the best in Australia ( Awarded 1st in 2018) the people are friendly it’s a very easy going relaxed lifestyle. The weather you get used to but no one mentioned for 6 months of the year it’s the best weather in Australia the dry season is glorious. The outback & bush on your doorstep Now I can pinpoint the things not so good in Darwin but some of the comments like hell hole , crime ridden are just ridiculous Here is a prime example I worked here in Darwin for an Escooter company at one time . In 11 MONTHS we had 6 Escooters stolen . In Adelaide they had 4 stolen EVERY DAY. Brisbane 6 stolen EVERY DAY You can make a story out of anything crime is relative . People here are generally good people . I love Adelaide & Brisbane but let’s not scaremonger about Darwin so terrible comments Darwin was so successful it prompted the company to do Townsville, Hobart, Canberra, Ballarat etc etc if it was that bad I’m ex police & prison officer no way would I stay here with my family
  12. PFC1975

    Immi Account PR

    Hi We eventually saw it and did plus got the email from our agent thanks Absolutely delighted
  13. PFC1975

    Immi Account PR

    Darwin and we love it
  14. PFC1975

    Immi Account PR

    Thanks a lot Don’t want to get ahead of myself from the beginning of applying in England for the 489 visa and then eventually PR it’s taken 5 and a half years