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  1. PFC1975

    My Experience Living in the NT

    The perceived reasons you mention It is worth pointing out that what increases that crime level is Indigenous on Indigenous crime High levels of domestic violence This skews the figures and crime which very very rarely affects other people in Darwin More are affected in Alice Springs though For the Indigenous population it’s a terrible and sad situation
  2. PFC1975

    My Experience Living in the NT

    I’ve lived in Darwin for 2 and a half years now My experience is completely different to Canada2Australia My family absolutely love it here & I have to say other than the rental prices & yes economically it’s having a tough time , I disagree with virtually everything said Crime isn’t rampant on with drug or alcohol abuse on every street corner. Sorry Absolute rubbish scaremongering. We’ve found the people amazingly friendly and have made friends for life and have a fantastic social circle We have so many friends who have children who love Darwin as it’s such a great place for kids and relaxing lifestyle We all have opinions and ours clearly differ. Our experiences shape a place & the issue with friends that Canada2Australia had may have left a sour taste & association with Darwin . I can only guess Some of the comments & scaremongering about Darwin I’ve read are not warranted No where is perfect but we know so many people that love Darwin
  3. PFC1975


    Unfortunately live in Darwin & have friends staying with us in October otherwise would have loved to have gone. Cracking band . Enjoy
  4. PFC1975


    Hi Toni&Paddy My family moved to Darwin from UK , two & half years ago Ignore the negative comments Darwin is fantastic we love it We’ve had family & friends visit us from UK & other parts of Australia & have all & I mean all gone back saying WOW . That was not what I expected what a great place . Seriously underrated & to many myths & bullshit about the place Nowhere is perfect. If you have any questions please ask
  5. PFC1975

    Single person move to NT ....

    Interested to know why The NT is a tough place is some aspect & a big tradie , construction & mining area which generally are male dominated but a lot of females up here working in those industries Depending on how you rate crime it’s a safe place. Yes you can have anti social behaviour, burglaries like anywhere else but you very very rarely have more what’s classed as serious crime against the general public. You’d be more at risk walking around parts of the larger Australia cities than you would in Darwin. Due to the weather there’s very few pedestrians anyway Common sense prevails & unless you have a extreme valid reason or circumstance why as a male or female go out of your way to walk around alone late at night anyway
  6. PFC1975

    Darwin - housing for initial month

    Hi Zoe, Late to the message as you may have booked Darwin isn’t cheap we did an Airbnb for a month in January 2017 I recall was about $2200 That was just a two bedroom unit There are a couple of resorts called Free Spirit resort & Club Tropical that may do discount on a longer stay Otherwise most hotels are near the city or airport. With a couple in Palmerston a Quest & Rydges Good luck if you have any questions regarding Darwin please ask
  7. PFC1975

    489 to 887 PR with State Sponsorship

    Darwin is great place to live try it We’ve just done our 2 years & applied for PR in February We were conscious of doing our 2 years in the NT so we ticked all boxes When you apply for your 489 visa you have to do a commitment statement for the NT
  8. Maybe so in my two years here having met, chatted & managed quite a few people on 489 visas not one required a job beforehand for there NT visa If you do then I won’t sugarcoat it but it will be virtually impossible. Never say never but if your occupation is marketing specialist then very difficult Firstly Darwin is nothing like Melbourne or Sydney etc it doesn’t have large marketing, Tech or IT firms most of those roles are government Now the NT government will not employ you full time contact on a 489 visa . Been there tried spoken to HR my partner worked for them plus other friends on 489 visas but only in either a fixed term contract or casual To be blunt as an organisation they are terrible & as with most companies here have no idea or understanding of a 489 visa Your not a citizen or permanent resident so they don’t get it I don’t wish to sound defeatists but Darwin is unique & the majority won’t employ from overseas if they don’t need too & 95% here don’t . Plus the very little understanding of the visa itself Recruitment agents are terrible in Darwin basically a waste of time . If you had specific trade in mining or amazing HR or Health & Safety experience & Skills maybe you could get a job but a lot of occupations no chance from overseas in Darwin Good luck though & apologies it may not be what you want to hear
  9. Hi We’re here on 489 visas in the NT. Been here two years & just about to apply for permanent residency. We arrived with no jobs & I never saw on any documentation or information that for a 489 you need a job offer. It’s State Sponsored not employee sponsored Unless something has changed in two years but who’s advising you of that
  10. PFC1975

    489 Visa to Permanent Residency

    Hi Can I ask which agent your using as I think your being conned Are you able to use the same agent for your original 489 visa We are also coming up to the same thing in January & have been quoted agent fees of $1600 total for me, partner & one child We are using our original agent PM if you like
  11. PFC1975

    How long before you feel settled/Happy ?

    Settled immediately & love it the whole family do We live in Darwin & have done for 21 months now & it’s amazing i can only speak as I find & I can say in that time we’ve made friends that will be friends for life & we know that . I’ve two mates from UK one in Melbourne another on the Gold Coast & have had various struggles of making friends etc Now of course personality comes into this but I feel the main issue is location location location. Darwin is a small city isolated where all in the same boat . It’s hot , relaxed , easy going, friendly. A lot of people live here also don’t have family there from other parts of Australia & usually work has brought them here . You learn to to rely on each other. All our friends are Aussies & our social life of BBQ,s going out to water parks with the kids or camping. Going for a coffee to watch the sunset etc is just amazing Would this happen in a large Australian City I don’t think so . Life is more rushed hectic , people already have there established friends & family close by Darwin is a hidden gem in someways it’s great place to meet people just on how it is . I can’t recommend it enough but so few come here Plus it has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Australia As I think BobJ said he’s lived a lot of regional places in Australia. I think it’s best & the way to go if you can . You’ll experience the real Australia & not just a big city like any other in the world its a shame people don’t settle & if it’s that bad honestly look to move regional or Country Australia it’s a different feel
  12. PFC1975

    Moving To Darwin

    You may be In Darwin now but this may be helpful to others I live in Darwin & personally if you’ve young family the best suburbs are Muirhead & Lyons in the northern suburbs new housing with parks plenty places to rent . Near the beach & Casuarina square the main shopping centre . Plus in Lyons is Tracy Village a local sports & social club , it’s nothing fancy but cheap food & has a great outdoor grass area for kids to play ok whilst you can sit & watch eating & drinking etc Although some nice new suburbs Palmerston is not for me . To much anti social behaviour out there to far out I don’t like the look of it . Even in the nice suburbs people I work with who live there moan about the anti social behaviour. The Gateway shopping centre is nice but small . Most of the suburbs have a few average houses etc but probably better ones include Leanyer, Nightcliff ( but only near the foreshore side not near Coconut Grove side ) , Parap , Stuart Park , Bayview Tiwi & Brinkin are ok . Cullen Bay & Larrakeyah are lovely but probably expensive if with a young family hope this helps Paul
  13. PFC1975

    190 NT

    As Philip has said & we were told that the NT rarely gives out 190’s if any All 489’s as they know most on 190’s won’t live In Darwin
  14. PFC1975

    489 NT

    Hi Phiip, I live in the NT through a 489 visa . Not sure what your occupation is What I did for my partner as she was the main applicant . Applied for lots of jobs within her occupation scope kept all the replies of unsuccessful. It at least showed how many jobs there was Also I contacted about 30 people in the area of work on LinkedIn & kept responses & put all there details down I also contacted people in education, health, sports clubs & community clubs etc . To show my homework as such on living in the NT hope this helps Paul
  15. Fatima Lawyer B is incorrect I'm in NT on 489 & you get Medicare & you don't pay school fees we used migration agent Gomathilda & every thing was fine