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  1. PFC1975

    Migration experts

    We used Go Mathilda for 489 Visa in UK and PR in Australia Excellent throughout
  2. PFC1975


    Citizenship Date Lodged - 15th May 2021 Citizenship Test - 3rd June 2021 So waited just under 3 weeks from lodging application to doing the test just waiting now to hear back & then a ceremony date
  3. PFC1975

    Moving to Darwin

    Wow So much scaremongering written in this thread We moved from England now been in Darwin for 4 & half years. The crime rate it seems higher as what’s taken into account is Indigenous crime on Indigenous which 99% doesn’t affect most people of course it’s a situation that needs sorting out but that’s another long story for another day I and my family have had no crimes committed against us whilst here & hardly know any clues friends who have the crime you might get in Darwin is generally perceived as lower level or petty crime want for a better word. Unlike larger cities you very very rarely get shootings, stabbing s & serious assaults figures might show maybe more crime but a lot less hard or serious crime High unemployment complete rubbish so many jobs here it’s in fact one of the lowest unemployment rates for children & families it’s a fantastic place kids can be kids longer . Lots of stuff put on for free often Darwin has Haileybury school one of the best in Australia ( Awarded 1st in 2018) the people are friendly it’s a very easy going relaxed lifestyle. The weather you get used to but no one mentioned for 6 months of the year it’s the best weather in Australia the dry season is glorious. The outback & bush on your doorstep Now I can pinpoint the things not so good in Darwin but some of the comments like hell hole , crime ridden are just ridiculous Here is a prime example I worked here in Darwin for an Escooter company at one time . In 11 MONTHS we had 6 Escooters stolen . In Adelaide they had 4 stolen EVERY DAY. Brisbane 6 stolen EVERY DAY You can make a story out of anything crime is relative . People here are generally good people . I love Adelaide & Brisbane but let’s not scaremonger about Darwin so terrible comments Darwin was so successful it prompted the company to do Townsville, Hobart, Canberra, Ballarat etc etc if it was that bad I’m ex police & prison officer no way would I stay here with my family
  4. PFC1975

    Immi Account PR

    Hi We eventually saw it and did plus got the email from our agent thanks Absolutely delighted
  5. PFC1975

    Immi Account PR

    Darwin and we love it
  6. PFC1975

    Immi Account PR

    Thanks a lot Don’t want to get ahead of myself from the beginning of applying in England for the 489 visa and then eventually PR it’s taken 5 and a half years
  7. PFC1975

    Immi Account PR

    489 visa Yes in Australia We used Go Mathilda in England and Australia
  8. PFC1975

    Immi Account PR

    Hi all Quick question On our Immi account today it says Application: Finalised And by all our names : Granted Can I take that as we’ve finally got PR As not had an email from the agent yet Thanks Paul
  9. PFC1975

    Australia Closing Borders

    I’ve tried to look but found nothing concrete We’re in Australia so all fine but on 489 visa going onto a Bridging Visa from 8th April As so far been waiting 13 months since PR applied for We’re ok but both have elderly parents in the UK what if you need to go back ( at some point ) not just a holiday but worse case scenarios There must be others currently outside Australia who are not sure about this Also relatives they may have concerns about Maybe an migration agent on here can help
  10. PFC1975

    Australia Closing Borders

    Yes with the announcement only Citizens and Permanent Residents allowed in Where does this leave all those on other visa’s , bridging etc Does anyone know ?
  11. Having got a couple of visas for Australia & spoken to friends who’ve got visas to Australia I’ve never known it to be the police certificate. Maybe for some it’s police certificate Your visa when granted says you have a year to enter the country. That date it what’s on your Notification for when your visa runs out whatever visa it may be ie 489. A police certificate is valid for a year and if the process takes longer then yes you have to re do a police certificate I can only say from personal experience of visas & chatted to friends all have used the visa grant day and the year that gives you to enter.
  12. As someone on the 489 when we applied for permanent residency the two years started from the day you can prove you arrived and was living in a regional address For example we arrived in Melbourne 3rd January flew to Darwin landing 11th January. Moved into a house 16th January It basically starts the day you have documentation proving you living there such as a rental agreement etc We did 2 weeks back in England which comes off our 2 years due to time out of Australia. So we couldn’t apply until 1st February & by the time you get all your documents, police checks etc our application went in on 27th February. I can’t say for everyone if that’s the same but hope this helps
  13. PFC1975

    My Experience Living in the NT

    Can you please advise me of your research, data & National network of contacts that says I’m in the minority nationally As in my 25 years of living & traveling around Australia I’ve not met these MANY people who all hate Darwin. Most have never been or given the place a second thought to be honest Secondly you say nationally speaking and there lies the problem. Opinions of people who may not have spent as much time or know Darwin that well from afar & pre judged possibly My experience of people locally is the majority love it . Local people we’ve spoken to through work, clubs, school etc enjoy living in Darwin . Far from a minority locally All our friends with young families agree it’s a great place for kids . Not the voices of people worried about rampant crime on every street corner As I’ve mentioned nowhere is perfect & Darwin is not for everyone and people are entitled of course to say what they may not like . There are people who will be moving to Darwin from the UK who would read this forum and opinions should be balanced . Darwin can be frustrating at times goods, services & products compared to other parts of Australia can be inferior. Patience needed which can be difficult. It’s expensive to live & flights in & out are far too expensive Of course some anti social behaviour but no more than anywhere else Another point about the crime statistics is within the NT domestic & family violence crimes are mandatory by law to report unlike other states . Therefore again skewing crime statistics Why has Darwin worked for us How do you explain. Don’t be too English ( if your English) So much stuff on for kids often free The best school in Australia Amazing scenery, National Parks & beaches Easy to drive around Relaxed lifestyle Friendly people Indigenous culture ( don’t be scared or believe the misinformation & Understand) Great museums Good festivals Embrace the great weather . The dry season is sensational & the wet season amazing storms The best thing about Darwin is no one gives a shit No one cares where you live , what job you do, what car you drive, where you holiday, what school your kids go to, where you shop , where you drink, what clothes you wear. How much you earn Great
  14. PFC1975

    My Experience Living in the NT

    The perceived reasons you mention It is worth pointing out that what increases that crime level is Indigenous on Indigenous crime High levels of domestic violence This skews the figures and crime which very very rarely affects other people in Darwin More are affected in Alice Springs though For the Indigenous population it’s a terrible and sad situation
  15. PFC1975

    My Experience Living in the NT

    I’ve lived in Darwin for 2 and a half years now My experience is completely different to Canada2Australia My family absolutely love it here & I have to say other than the rental prices & yes economically it’s having a tough time , I disagree with virtually everything said Crime isn’t rampant on with drug or alcohol abuse on every street corner. Sorry Absolute rubbish scaremongering. We’ve found the people amazingly friendly and have made friends for life and have a fantastic social circle We have so many friends who have children who love Darwin as it’s such a great place for kids and relaxing lifestyle We all have opinions and ours clearly differ. Our experiences shape a place & the issue with friends that Canada2Australia had may have left a sour taste & association with Darwin . I can only guess Some of the comments & scaremongering about Darwin I’ve read are not warranted No where is perfect but we know so many people that love Darwin