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  1. Hello, We are just at the very beginning of our journey in moving to Perth. We have wanted this for a long time but family and job commitments (and money) have stopped us before. We could really do with some help in regards to Visa's. Did you all use an agent to help get across? If so, who did you use and how much did it cost? Roughly how long did the process take? Can you recommend any particular agency or give us any advice? ALSO.... we have a dog. Have you shipped your pets out? If so, how much? Who with? How long are you separated? Any help would be appreciated. * a bit of background... family of 4, joiner and sales manager, both children under 7. We have family that live in Perth but cannot sponsor us. Many thanks!
  2. scotfamily

    Primary Schools in Perth

    It's negative for us. We want a public school not private. I have stated all that previously- we want to stay quite central and near a beach. However if the better schools are not near a beach then that comes first. We would stay as far south as Freo and I read on another forum that they have a nice primary school there. Location due to job isn't important as my other half will be working away so no commute every morning for him. We want a nice community feel and we are in our mid 20s so somewhere with a bit of a social feel. Any help is greatly appreciated thank you.
  3. scotfamily

    Primary Schools in Perth

    Ok firstly I would like to thank each one of you for your comments and we have taken then on board HOWEVER... The 457 visa is not our concern. We have weighed up the pros and cons and our decision is final. It is a huge company that is sponsoring us and there are plenty jobs that I can do that would get us sponsored so please let's not get hung up on the visa. My original post was asking about primary schools so if anyone has any relevant information on that then we would be very grateful for your help *No more visa negativity please *
  4. scotfamily

    Primary Schools in Perth

    Secret Harbour is beautiful but like you say I don't want to be that far south. We have family in the City so we want to stay close to that. Ok thanks for the advice, we appreciate your help and we will look into that more with my husbands future employer
  5. scotfamily

    Primary Schools in Perth

    I have read quite a few bad forums about Rockingham and families moving away from there. Obviously this is just what i have read and not experienced myself but the negatives out way the positives. I do however really like the look of Secret Harbour but again we wanted to stay closer to the city. The 457 visa would be based on my husband having a 4 year contract so we won't have to worry about him losing his job. We love Cottesloe and the surrounding areas but we are just unsure of the schools so thats given me some schools to look into Jessie123 thank you.
  6. scotfamily

    Primary Schools in Perth

    Yes we will have a 457 visa in time but don't yet have it. My husband will be working away so thats why we are struggling to find a place.
  7. scotfamily

    Primary Schools in Perth

    So we are serious about moving over to Perth (for the second time-first time we had no kids and lasted 6 months as we discovered I fell pregnant and I wanted to go home!) That aside, we are serious about the move this time, our eldest is 5 in april and should be starting Primary in the UK in August. We need to make all decision on where to live based around a good primary school. Can anyone give us any advice or experiences with primary schools in Perth? We would like to be near the beach but don't want to be too far south (Rockingham is too far south) and again not too far North (no further than Wangara) Price of property isn't an issue so don't let that stop you mentioning places. Thanks in advance!