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    Child Visa Options???

    Hello All! It’s been a while! An update on this thread, my son didn’t decide to come over to Oz, however we have a major issue now, my ex partner suddenly died, and i’m in the UK sorting out affairs, I’m at a lose in regards to my options now, The visa details online state a child visa will take 12months plus when submitted outside Australian or even when submitted inside Australia. My plan is to take them back to Oz, i have no other choice obviously. But where does that leave me with schooling, medi care etc? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks Steven
  2. StevenLozza

    Expired permanent residents visa

    Thanks Skippy, well done on your return to Oz, hope it works out this time! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. StevenLozza

    Expired permanent residents visa

    Just a quick question, does the PR visa ever expire? I only ask as my In-law lived in Oz in the 90's and returned to the UK after a couple of years and has been back to Oz as a tourist, could he apply for a RRV? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. StevenLozza

    Child Visa Options???

    Hey Chicken, Yeah his mother is on board but just, obviously she doesn't want to let her son go, she wants him to stay with her, as any mother would, but she says she'll do what's going to be the better long term option, Without a doubt the schooling and outdoors activities are 2nd to none for children over here, I still believe that it's a dream for some people to move over here and have the opportunity to live, but I agree with snifter, that the thought process on that is lost on a 12year old, But as far as I've read, unless my son or daughter is a 'dependant' eg in full time education they would need to emigrate to Oz on their own merits rather than piggy back on my visa, hence why I thought maybe citizen through decent my be an option but didn't think the Oz immigration would leave that as a loop hole, Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. StevenLozza

    Child Visa Options???

    Yup, they were both declared and NMD's but I still had to take them for Medicals for my visa process, I knew that I'd have to cross this bridge at 1 point but wasn't sure what options I'd have? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. StevenLozza

    Child Visa Options???

    Thanks Snifter, Another question? My wife and our son got citizen through decent via his mum, If I obtained my citizenship would my children be entitled to it through decent? My son has been well advised that although he's on holiday, that normal life applies in Oz, we all work, he will join a new school etc, it's a weird 1, as my son has always wanted to live with me even back in the uk but his mother put a stop to it, and I didn't force the issue as there was no real proof he'd have a better quality of life, but obviously living in australia is an opportunity of a life time for most people and my children have the opportunity handed on a plate, Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. StevenLozza

    Child Visa Options???

    Morning fellow Pommers!!! I have a little dilemma, My wife and I emigrated last year, leaving behind my 2 children from my previous relationship, My 2 children have now came over for a holiday and my son (12yrs old) is adamant he wants to move over, I remember having to get both kids a medical when going through the visa process for spouse visa subclass 100, but didn't really understand why as my kids weren't migrating with us not included in the application, What are my possible options? Applying for a child visa? Should I just apply for both children as my daughter likes it here but doesn't want to leave her mum but will come for a holiday every year ranging from 3-6 weeks at a time? Any info would be greatly received, Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. StevenLozza

    Dont want to part with my car

    I can't believe your wife let you buy it in the 1st place with the impending visa grant coming, The storage idea sounds like a plan, but I don't think it's all straightforward process of getting a car over here, Maybe best to cut your losses and say goodbye and get a V8 Holden/Ford when you are here!
  9. StevenLozza

    Question re: Validating Partner Visa

    I would submit your visa application at the end of May, it'll take a few weeks to be lodged and allocated a case officer, that way you'll safe guard yourself with this years visa price as I'm sure they change every july (along with the rules and timeframes) it's very unlikely you'll get the visa approved quicker than 12 months, Also to prolong your latest date of entry submit the medicals and police checks later than when your case officer asks for them, your case officer will contact you saying something along the lines of "please submit a police check and complete a medical no earlier than xx/xx/xxxx, so my interpretation on that is if they asked you to do a medical after 01/06/15 you could submit a police check and medical on the 01/10/15 meaning when your visa is granted you'd need to validate the visa before 01/10/16 so if you play it right you could have nearly 2 years to save from the time you submit to the time you need to validate,
  10. StevenLozza

    Australian police check

    I've only been in the country a month, and I applied for the online police check which said certificate within a couple of hours but it came back as being referred, possible causes being i have a popular name and they need to make sure they get the right "me" Also was wondering if it included my UK convictions on it?
  11. StevenLozza

    Australian police check

    Does a National police check check international criminal history or is it just australia States? I've submitted my check online but states it'll take 15 days, I only need a WA police clearance so don't understand why it'll take so long?
  12. I'd have a quick talk with a family lawyer and ask about parental rights 1stly, Do you have contact with your daughter, do you have her for wkends etc if not then the honest answer is you'll have to go to court to fight for visitation access, And if you don't, you'll need to carry on with the application without her having a medical. I don't think it'll hinder your application but it'll make it difficult for her to migrate later if that's what she chooses or it'll be more costly, I'm unsure I didn't have this problem I got my kids their medical by telling my ex a little lie and booked it for when I had the kids that wkend.
  13. I'm not a lawyer, but if you were married then you automatically have parental rights over your daughter so that won't change, if you did not marry your ex then I'm pretty sure you won't have parental rights over her anyway, you need to fill in a form for that and get your ex to sign it, as a child born before Feb 2004 (dont quote me) won't give the father automatic parental rights regardless of the name in the birth certificate, Call the hospital doing the medical and ask if they accept birth certificate as a form of ID for your daughter, if they do book the medical for a date when you know you'll have your daughter. Job done.
  14. Your application will be considered without the child having a medical, I had the same issue with my x partner, I managed to get birth certificates for my kids and the hospital accepted them as form of ID, and got the medicals done without my x knowing, it's nothing invasive anyway a couple of questions and a listen to the chest, Get yourself along to the local birth, marriage and death place and order a birth certificate for your child, also double check with the hospital that it is acceptable form of ID, I believe some hospitals will only accept a passport but my 1 accepted either a birth cert or passport.
  15. StevenLozza

    Permaneet Residency Police Check/Convictions Help Needed!

    Your CO will defo ask you to explain what happened with your convictions, and like I said just be willing to call yourself down and how you've learned from your mistakes etc, Good luck with the application, I'm sure it'll be all good, maybe even add a couple of state decs from some aussie mates stating how good a person you are?