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Found 14 results

  1. sweta.asct@gmail.com

    Separation / Divorce before PR

    Hi: I got married last year may 2019 but because of some issues we got separeted within a month . so i applied for divorce . Waiting for divorce, i want to apply for Australia and Canada PR so, how can apply for PR with waiting for divorce status under which section..
  2. Guest

    Separation / Divorce before PR

    Hi - I have a really curly question that hopefully someone on here may have experience with. A friend of mine is currently in Australia as the spouse on her husband's visa. They have just received their bridging visa as they have applied for PR through the general skilled stream. (And yes their expected 6 month wait for PR is now more like 2012 !) What options does she have if they separate BEFORE PR is granted ? From what I read this would mean she is no longer covered under his GSM visa and would have to leave Australia with their 2 yr old. (Or leave the baby here with him !!! :no: ) Her brother is an Australian citizen but she is ineligible for last remaining relative due to her father still living in their home country (and he has no interest in migrating to Australia) She is supported financially, would not need govt benefits or support and obviously doesn't want to leave Aust. She doesn't qualify for skilled migration herself as she was forced by her husband to come to Aust just before her final exams for her 4 year Bachelor degree so never earned the degree and therefore is unqualified. 6 months was ages to cope with staying together for the sake of PR - I doubt they will survive YEARS as their are major relationship issues and domestic violence involved. (And I checked and dom. violence is no clause for her to gain PR independently) Any help gratefully appreciated ! Jay
  3. I met my Australian partner in Brisbane 5 years ago and we have had a child together and another one on the way. I am desperate to move home to the UK but despite previously agreeing to this my partner now says he will NEVER EVER move there. I’m desperate to go home and take the children with me but it seems like I am totally trapped here now. Has anyone had any experience of this, particularly where children are involved?
  4. So I am going through a messy separation. I have 50/50 joint custody with my husband. I found out tonight that the long weekend in WA when he is supposed to be having them, he is going away with his new flame leaving the 16 year old daughter in charge of her 15, 11 and 9 year old siblings (all boys).. As you can imagine, I am not impressed. The conversation went like this: I said I wasn't happy about the arrangement and he said "the 16 year old is babysitting, it is my life" I said "It is inappropriate to leave our 16 year old daughter in charge of three children when one is only 9 years old, for two days and two nights and I have an interest as I am their Mother." He is leaving them as he is going away with a lady friend. I think they have only been seeing each other a matter of weeks. I said that he should have arranged this two night stay away from home when he didn't have the children or put procedures in place (ie asked me) to look after them. Is this legally acceptable or morally sound in WA Australia? Any help appreciated, Sulac
  5. Ribbon Katie

    It's not getting better.....

    Okay, last time I posted on here was 11 months ago and I was feeling unsettled ....unfortunately I still am. We have faced a few problems over the past twelve months (our house severely damaged by tenant in England, cancer diagnosis with close relative in UK) I have never felt settled here but I am the only one who doesn't want to stay. It has led to a rather strained relationship with hubby and is now at breaking point. I've struggled to find work and the two jobs I've had since arriving in September 2013, I've been on contract and they've both come to an end. I was in my last job in the Uk for 17 years and felt valued in my role at work. I had lots of friends in the Uk and was happy but we left because husband couldn't find employment during the recession. Now everything has reversed. Here in Oz my husband has been thriving at work and although he is incredibly busy, seems to enjoy it. He also plays hard and goes to lots of men only corporate events with his work, so has a very busy social life and we don't seem to be doing much as a family or couple any more. All our four children love it here and don't want to go back to the Uk and the oldest is now 14. But I just feel so unhappy, I haven't made many friends, find everything expensive, struggle with not being able to pick up permanent work and because of this I feel we're always on a tight budget, need to watch our pennies and can't afford much in the way of leisure activities. Anyway things between me and husband have been so strained that we have discussed separating. Problem is I couldn't afford to stay here and the kids won't go back to England, and I couldn't bear to be apart from the children. We keep going around in circles and we're not getting anywhere. But yesterday husband and I made a breakthrough in that he agreed to see a Relationship Counsellor to try to work through our problems, I had been badgering him to go but he was adamant he wouldn't go, so feel pleased that he has now agreed for us to go as a couple. I rang up Relationships WA and discovered a 50 minute session would be $170.....which wasn't the price I was expecting. Has anyone else felt like this and that the move to Oz created cracks with their relationship and have sought counselling. If so where did you go (apart from Realtionships WA) and was it beneficial? Would really appreciate some help as we are just not moving forward. Feel stuck... Thank you in advance Ribbon
  6. Dear guys, I need help. Anyone has idea on this issue most welcome to drop couple lines for me please. I would be really grateful.:no: My situation is, Upon break up with my ex, I recently individually lodged my 186 ENS application. Nomination has been approved & DIAC now asked for medical to undergo and there problem begins. As my ex partner not giving permission to take my daughter (only child) for her visa medical. But from immigration they said, all non-migrating dependent must undergo medicals. I don't know how to solve this problem as it's not in my hand but my ex's and for this my application is on hold. Please let me know what are the options available to solve this problem. DIAC said this has to be done (i.e. medical for my child), as in case of death or injury of my child's primary guardian (i.e. my ex), i have to do her medical so that i can look after her in the future as next guardian. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee................:arghh:
  7. Hi, I wonder if any can help my with some issues... I moved to Australia over two years ago. Initially I was on my partners 457 visa. Last year, I got my PR in April, obviously for both. Unfortunately after six months we decided to split up after several years together. We are a same sex couple therefore there was no children or marriage, just de facto. I met someone else three months ago, and his situation is that his visa will only allow him to stay till December. I don't want it to sound like I want to add him to my visa so he can stay, but where do I stand now?? what happens if i tell immigration that I'm no longer with my previous partner? Will this affect his visa?? I understand as it is on my name I shouldn't really worry. What could I do by the end of the year if I decide to continue with this new person? i would appreciate if someone helped me with it. Thanks.
  8. Guest

    Coping with Separation

    Hi Guys, Not really a dilemma, but more of a request for advice/thoughts (on 2 issues) I guess! Been in Tassie on a 457 for about 3 months now and been through alot of changes since Christmas, all in all we have coped well. My daughter who came with me and my partner has gone back to Ireland (she is 18) after her paternal Grandmother died suddenly and unexpectedly. She has decided there to stay til October (at her Dads), as her Aunt gets married in Sept and she wants to be there for that and come back to Oz then. She has then elected to go to Perth on her own working hol visa, with her friends and in doing so relinquishes her option to get on residency (as my dependant) when I apply for it in Sept. We have talked this through, and I hoped she would stay with us in Tas til we get residency, but she wont be happy (she did try) not that she hates it but just too quiet for her and she wants to go to Perth with her friends. Should I dig in the heels and insist she come back so she can have residency??? She will do If I insist, but I feel she will be very unhappy.. and she is way too young to feel "stuck" here in Tassie. So, its just me, my man and our 3 lovely dogs. The inevitable has happened.. he came home and said (I knew this was coming) "Ive been offered FIFO in WA" :swoon: Now, my man was out of work in Ireland for over 2 years before we came and he is an excellent worker, so I knew there would be no stopping him once he found his feet here in Hobart (we were only here a week and he harrassed someone into giving him a job :biglaugh:) He has said on numerous occasions that he wants to finacially get ahead, the 2 years unemployed has given him serious drive and fire in the belly. All a good thing, and Im proud of him. Im also aware that he wants a divorce from his ex wife and for us to get married and he wants to be able to afford to do this without hardship.. we have lived on the breadline so we could get to Australia for a brighter future.. so here it is, staring us in the face. The opportunity to have some financial security :jiggy:its fabulous, and I know he is majorly excited (he has plans in his head, I know it!) SO............................................. I will be on me tod :frown: BUT.. I want to make this easy for him and want to do this right from the start. How will I cope? Anyone else do this and how do I best prepare myself and just get used to being by myself? Sorry for the babble.. thanks guys, all advice/opinions/observations greatfully appreciated. Steph (Hobart, Tasmania)
  9. Hi, Apologies for the somewhat awkward title. I am currently on a Stage 1 Partner Visa. My 'upgrade' to PR isn't due till March 2012. I am pursuing an employment opportunity that would result in a move interstate as the employer is based interstate. If I get it it'll be the job of my dreams and my partner is fully supportive of me. Obviously for logistical and financial reasons, my partner would not be able to join me interstate immediately. I intend to commute interstate weekly - work interstate during the week, be home during the weekend until he can move up to be with me. I was just wondering about the impact, if any, this will have on my visa? Will the fact that we're not living together, albeit only during the week and only temporarily, be seen as a lack of commitment to the relationship by DIAC? Especially as I will have to rent an apartment interstate to live in during the week and have a different address? If I end up losing my visa it is obviously too big a price to pay and I'll just have to let the opportunity slip by! As always thanks in advance for any advice!
  10. Hi All Hoping that someone can shed a bit of light on my (complicated) situation... here's a bit of a breakdown. I'm Irish, my girlfriend is Australian. We started dating in Jan 2009 and moved in together in February 2009. We shared that house together for 12months and then moved to a new place where we lived for 6months. For this 18month period we have a joint lease, letter from second landlord (as she wasn't on that lease), correspondence to each of us at the same address, bank transfers for shared household bills, shared travel etc. My girlfriend moved back to Sydney in June 2010. I will be going out to meet her on a WHV in June 2011. That will mean a 12 month "gap" - we are still very much in a relationship and we have loads of daily emails and weekly phone calls to back that up as well as greeting cards, statutory declarations from family, friends etc. As soon as I arrive in Sydney in June we'll be living together again and we'll have a joint lease, joint bank account, joint bills, joint car insurance and we're also going to register our relationship in NSW. So, I'm looking for some advice insofar as timelines. At the moment we're thinking that we'll submit the partner visa application around January 2012. We'll have our evidence from living together in Ireland, all of the correspondence whilst we were apart and 6 months living together and joint finances for 6 months in Sydney. Would anyone anticipate the 12 month "gap" being a huge stumbling block? I suppose our other option would be to submit the partner application at 11months+ (so around June 2012) based on the minimum 12month requirement being satisfied in Sydney... I hope that makes sense! I understand its a complicated scenario and there won't be a simple response but any adivce, suggestions, similar experiences would be great to help us work out our best bet. Hate the thought of having to do the long distance thing again - only half way through this stint! Thank you in advance.
  11. Hi everyone! I've been browsing through postings, but I also wanted to ask a detailed question. Your thoughts/advice are very welcome and appreciated. My partner and I have been together since 05/2008. We moved in together in NYC in 06/2009, which would put our 12-months of living together at June 2010. HOWEVER, my partner was required to work in London from October 5, 2009 to Dec. 5, 2009. The two months apart was brief, and he stayed on our lease/continued contributing to our rent, etc. I also visited him in London for 4 days mid-way through our brief separation. MY CONCERN is that the 2 months apart will disqualify us for a de facto partner visa. We are compiling all of our evidence (many friend/family declarations, photos, bank statements, travel itinary documents, etc.), but we are looking for advice on how to approach our 2 month separation. Thanks for your help, K
  12. Hi there - these posts have been very helpful - now I have a more specific question which I hope someone can help with. My partner is an australian citizen by grant. I am a pom. We have been together 7 years and lived together 3. We currently live in Singapore and were due to submit our visa in early May when I had to get a new passport - long story. Anyway since then my partner's employment contract in Singapore has finished and rather than look for work here he has gone to Australia to try and set things up for our future. He just started a 3 month employment contract this week. Could that be a major problem? I tried to submit my visa yesterday which stated all details of his contract. But the forms were old so we've had to re-do them. He had intended to go after we submitted the visa. But what with the delay it didn't happen. Help - panicking about the best way forward. Just want this damn thing in but in successfully - it takes so long... It's a catch 22 - if he can't get work in Singapore he can't fulfil sponsorship obligations. If he goes to Australia he isn't fulfilling de facto arrangements, although all de facto arrangements are still in place here in Singapore. Joint bank accounts, etc. I can't give up my job until I know we have a visa to be together. Tenancy agreement and bills are in company name so it's all holidays together as evidence and joint bank and savings accounts.
  13. Hi all, I am an Australian citizen and my partner is British. We are now working on applying for a de-facto spouse visa. We have been living together for about 14 months in Sydney. He had a 457 work visa. Both our jobs require us to make business trips internationally. So during our 14 months of living together, there were a few occasions throughout the year where either one of us had to travel overseas for business trips: For me - California, US: 9 days Bangkok: 4 days For him - Melbourne: 2 days London: 7 days London: 23 days - this was not a work trip but he had to go back to the UK for a few weeks due to his mum's illness. I know the Immigration has a strict requirement that the de-facto couple must live together for a minimum of 12 months prior to application, but I also understand the Immigration dept recognizes that sometimes periods of being apart are unavoidable due to work reasons etc. So I would like to know which periods do we have to declare that we were temporarily apart. Is there a time period limit of what is considered temporary separation? For example, my business trip to Bangkok for 4 days. For example I think it would seem a bit tough to demand evidence for those 4 days apart that proves we had no intention for permanent separation. For which durations would we have to start producing evidence that the separation was temporary and contact was maintained? 1 week, 2 weeks? 1 month-long separations? For the 23-day trip I have email correspondences to back us up, but the challenge I face is both my partner and I are very Internet-savvy and we use Instant Messaging, Skype etc to communicate a lot during most trips. So with the exception of the 23-day trip, for virtually all of the other trips we don't have itemized phone bills to show we called each other. Maybe 1 phone call per trip at most and the conversation is short eg. 1-2 minutes mainly to tell each other to go online to chat via Skype! We had a couple of emails during one of the trips but there was some argumentative content (yes like typical couples we have small fights and sometimes say things about each other we don't mean). I feel if those emails are submitted to show we maintained contact while being apart, they would be read/taken out of context and made to look we weren't a committed couple, which isn't the case. Any advice on which periods we need to declare and what is the minimum period we have to start providing evidence would be very helpful. Also any other information on what we could use as documentation to support our claim that the trips were just temporary separation would help. Thanks.