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  1. Hello, I'm currently in the process of working toward a PR visa & part of this is completion of an Australian Computer Society (ACS) RPL.. Now, I've looked online & can see (for obvious & understood reasons) that people aren't keen to 'share' their work. I re-iterate, I understand the reasons around this... That said, all I would really like (if at all possible) is if anyone who has been through this process could perhaps give me an idea of what layout of information they used as I really have no clue where to begin with this! Ironically, I suppose this is as I work in IT & not the writing industry i.e did you use bullet points for example? I'm pretty sure I'll be ok with the project reports, but the remainder of detailing how I know about x y & z seems to have me at a writers block stage... Appreciate any & all advice/tips anyone can give & thanks in advance