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Found 88 results

  1. Hello, My partner is a site manager working for a house builder in the UK with an NVQ level 6 in construction management. In the UK this is equivalent to a Bachelors degree, but Australia don’t seem to recognise this qualification and VETASSESS have told him this wouldn’t be enough to pass the skills assessment. We are trying to find a way he can convert his NVQ to an Australian qualification for a skills assessment and also so he can get a supervisor license once we get over to Oz. Everyone he has spoken to has sent him to state gov websites for overseas qualification recognition, but this is for Australian residents only so not helpful for us Does anyone know where we can do this from the UK? We seem to be going round in circles at the minute!! Thank you!
  2. Hi all, I have a query regarding my ACS skill assessment. I am a software engineer with 7.2 years experience currently in Sydney. But my bachelors degree is in Civil Engineering and masters in structural engineering from India. I am trying to apply for NSW 190 visa, for which I need to go for skill assessment. I was been told by my friends that I need to go for RPL (recognition of prior learning) as work experience is not related to my education. Is this correct? If so, will my education qualifications will also be assessed by ACS? Please let me know your advise on this. Thanks in advance.
  3. Navakanth

    ACS Skills Assessment

    Hi all, I have a query regarding my ACS skill assessment. I am a software engineer with 7.2 years experience currently in Sydney. But my bachelors degree is in Civil Engineering and masters in structural engineering from India. I am trying to apply for NSW 190 visa, for which I need to go for skill assessment. I was been told by my friends that I need to go for RPL (recognition of prior learning) as work experience is not related to my education. Is this correct? If so, will my education qualifications will also be assessed by ACS? Please let me know your advise on this. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello Folks, I have a question which is not answered correctly by any agent I spoke to. It is whether the RPL (IT) can be applied and used if someone does not have a formal university degree. In my case, I have studied till 12th grade which is pre-university in Computer Science. Later I wasn't able continue my education but started working immediately. In the entire journey till now, I have accumulated 20+ years of core Software Development and Architecture work experience. Now, if I want to apply for a PR I will not get any points for education. I heard and saw some websites offering assistance to apply for a RPL (IT) in ACS (Australian Computer Society) which can be used for the education points. I checked this with my local immigration agent and he has no much idea about it. I am unsure if I should go in for this. If anyone can please put some light on this subject and also suggest me some alternatives if available for PR application in my case. Thanks in advance...
  5. Hi there! I am an absolute newbie to forums so please direct me in the right direction if there is a similar post or thread existing to my situation. So I just got my certificates 3 and 4 in cookery and diploma in hospitality via RPL. We got here in Australia 3 years ago on a student visa(my partner was the primary applicant). I have worked for a resto for a while (2 years casual) plus another 2 years back in our country of origin. After I did my RPL and got my papers, the owner wishes to sponsor me. (he sponsored in the past). Now my concern is what would be the process I would have to go through? I heard that I would have to go through TRA, is that necessary even after doing the RPL process? Could someone kindly breakdown the details of the process I have to go through to get my 482 visa application going and approved I am confused. I met two different lawyers and they have no common process. One told me I can go ahead and apply, while the other said that I am required to go through TRA. I mean I just did an RPL is that not sufficient? again, I just want to be enlightened to what the proper process is so I know what to do. Thanks for any advices in advance. Best, DK
  6. Hi Guyz I have done BSIT and MSC in Computer Science along with 12 years of Experience. Applied in ACS. I got a reply from them that my qualifications are not suitable with AQF so advised to submit RPL and Additional 200AUD. I did and got a positive result. But from 12 years only 3.8 years experienced accepted. Now i am confused what to do. I am predicting that i got only 5 points for experience, 30 points of age, 5 points for states total 40 points. Please correct me if i am wrong. Please advice me what to do. To get 20 more points i need to score 8 in all 4 modules of IELTS or any other way is also there?? ACS report doesnt say about qualification. Only experience details are mentioned I am just thinking what qualification have to be selected in EOI? Shuld i select MSC although it is not recognised? Does RPL reports give some points? But no info is mentioned about RPL in acceptence letter? Waiting for your kind advices
  7. When i started my career i had only 12 Grade College Certificate. I am a self-taught guy and I have 15 Years of experience in Application Development, and I recently completed my “Associate Degree in Web Design and Development” which is equivalent to AQF Diploma 10 points, my confusion is if I go with RPL route with “No Tertiary Education” am I going to get 10 points for my post experience Education which I completed recently? Because if i am not eligible to claim my recently awarded degree points than in that case my points will drop down to 65 which are not sufficient i guess. I have read in other posts that people who got their degrees prior to their professional experience but insufficient relevant content they went for a points test advice from Vetassess, and they claimed their education points. But my case is different because i recently completed my degree. Please advise
  8. Hi, I have been a creaper on the forums for a while now but I cant seem to find any information to verify what I am trying to do and hope someone can help! Me and my partner are applying for skilled migration through me as a Systems Analyst (she is a marketing specialist but thats not on the list anymore) I previously held a 457 as a Systems Analyst until last year when family sickness meant we had to come home, we now want to go back with a skilled visa(PR.) The biggest problem I have is my age and lack of any formal qualification, I can lose 8 years of my experience via an ACS RPL skills assessment as I will still obtain points for 5-7 years experience in the UK (I have 13 years 5 months in the UK total) and 1-2 years in Australia. However, I really need ACS to award points for a qualification (10) to get the 70 required for Systems Analyst. My points are below: Age 35 - 25 English (superior) - 20 (still need to take the test) Experience outside Aus 5-7 years (With 8 years deducted by ACS) - 10 Experience in Aus 1-2 years - 5 Qualifications - ? 10 ? I have looked into a company called SkillsSelect who can provide me with a Australian Diploma in Information Technology via RPL based on my experience, will ACS allow this to be used for qualification points? As the diploma will be post experience, should I submit it with the skills assessment and they will use the 8 years as well as also approve the diploma for use as qualification points OR should I be submitting the diploma separately? I have an ALevel(2001) in Information Technology and an MCTS certificate from Microsoft(June 2013) but I am told these cannot be counted for either the ACS skills assessment or for the qualification points does anyone have experience with this? I am not currently working but if I dont get an invitation in the next 5 months I will need to start working again to keep the points. How do I get that experience verified as it wont be on my skills assessment? Sorry for all the questions but thanks in advance if anyone can help!
  9. Hello, I'm currently in the process of working toward a PR visa & part of this is completion of an Australian Computer Society (ACS) RPL.. Now, I've looked online & can see (for obvious & understood reasons) that people aren't keen to 'share' their work. I re-iterate, I understand the reasons around this... That said, all I would really like (if at all possible) is if anyone who has been through this process could perhaps give me an idea of what layout of information they used as I really have no clue where to begin with this! Ironically, I suppose this is as I work in IT & not the writing industry i.e did you use bullet points for example? I'm pretty sure I'll be ok with the project reports, but the remainder of detailing how I know about x y & z seems to have me at a writers block stage... Appreciate any & all advice/tips anyone can give & thanks in advance
  10. Hi, We had our RPL done by ACS. However, there is no mention of educational qualification in the assessment. This is for a mechanical engineer, applying for IT job as experienced in IT. Do we have to get our education assessed by someone? Does anyone have any experience on this? Thanks
  11. Hi, I have applied for a skilled Visa under an ICT Analyst (I'm a Business analyst in my field) but I have no computer related qualifications so need to complete a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). I think I have over thought the document as I am in a complete mess over it. How does it need to be written? Does it need to be 3rd person? Does it need to be really technical? I have so many questions...... If someone has completed one and has any advice it would be really appreciated.
  12. Hi to you all. This is our first post, the trades recognition is our first step on gaining a skilled migrant visa to NSW, Sydney. I have been self employed for 10 years and run a successful landscape design and build company but have no formal qualifications for TRA. I have been told to do the RPL, cost AUD$2,300, to gain a certificate III in Horticulture (landscaping). I have a website Hopkins Gardens, testimonials and portfolios, is there anyway of avoiding the assessment and applying directly to TRA. Can anyone hazard a guess to how long it will take 'till we receive our permanent visa? We feel rather knocked back having made the decision to go. Your advice would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Hi all, Have convinced hubby to start his skills assessment (finally) but now he’s feeling stumped because he has to do a recognition of prior learning. :eek: He’s mainly in a panic because he has no idea of what is expected of this document, general layout, level of detail etc… Is there anyone out there who has successfully completed a RPL for Developer Programmer (261312) or something similar? If so, would you be willing to allow my husband to take a look at all (or parts) of your RPL? He is perfectly capable of writing his, so he has no intentions of plagiarism, but has encountered this gigantic mental block that’s keeping him from progressing! He just needs to see whats expected. Thanks everyone.
  14. nimbuz

    ACS assessment and RPL

    According to the "Summary-of-Criteria-2014": So someone with no tertiary qualifications but 8+ years of relevant work experience. What would be the assessment? Considering 3 scenarios: 8yrs of experience substitutes for education? In that case, 15 points can be claimed for education? But that doesn't make sense. 8yrs of experience makes the person 'skilled'? In that case, 15 points can be claimed for work experience? Makes sense but ACS says it considers "skilled employment" on after the education has been completed which in this case is none. 8yrs of experience is acknowledged, and positive assessment provided. But no points, either for educaton or work experience can be claimed? Can someone with a successful RPL application share their experience how it works? Many thanks!
  15. Hi all, I've eventually (!) submitted my ACS RPL Skills Assessment which has an ACS 'received date' of 1st April 2011 and a status of 'in process'. I am aiming to be recognised as a 261111 - ICT Business Analyst. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about the current time taken to get results? I know it's going to be a long time yet, but I'm hoping that I can get my application for SS in to WA before the dreaded 1st July rule changes. As I understand it, my occupation is on the 'WA Skilled Migration Occupation List' at the moment so I should be in a good position if I get my application in for SS before 1st July - but after that it's anyone's guess? Thanks!
  16. Hi, Is there such a thing out there a copy of a rpl that we can see before my husbands fills one in for himself???
  17. Guest

    ACS - RPL Help website

    Hi all you IT Geeks (this is said with much love as my oh is an IT geek) and IT Geek's partners..... Has anyone used this website RPLHelp - provides assistance to anyone who is preparing an Australian Computer Society (ACS) Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) application for assessment for migration, including example CBOK sections, project reports and references. to help them fill in the ACS RPL application form. Im a bit confused with the CBOK stuff. If anyone thinks they might help, can you either post or pm me, before I start asking questions. Thanks, Mandisfam (IT Geek's Wife)
  18. Ahmed Elshorbagy

    How to fill ACS RPL form?

    Hello, I'm a software system analyst ,I'm supposed to fill the RPL form in order to move to Australia. I don't understand it clearly, if someone could help me, I would appreciated.Thank you
  19. Peaceinoz

    Skill assessment and RPL Drama...

    [h=2][/h] I had my Skills assessed by ACS and the assessment recognised my Bachelors of commerce as comparable to Aus Bachelors degree with insufficient ICT content and therefore doesnt meet requirements for a qualification as prescribed in PIM3. ACS however recognised my Work Experience. I am once again considering applying for skill assessment ( 261112 SYSTEMS ANALYST) and also filled the PASA Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) doco in which I have to submit Project reports. My Qualification (Bachelors of Commerce ) and RPL and Work Exp (6 Yrs 2 Mths relevant skill) are now ready for Skills assessment.. I consulted this with a lawyer and his opinion is that the ACS may award a skill assessment but may knock off a couple of Yrs from my W.Exp setting off the ICT content. Is this correct.. Opinions pls.. If that is the case,it will be difficult to apply for PR under subclass 175 as I may lose points for my W.Exp.
  20. Hi, I applied for ACS assessment with event type as RPL on March 23rd and got my result last weekend. I am confused with the ACS result. Following is the message "Your skills have been assessed to be suitable for migration under the 263111 (Computer Network and Systems Engineer) of the ANZSCO code". "Your Bachelor of Technology (Electronics & Communication Engineering) from XYZ University has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor degree with a major in computing". However, only the last few years of my employment have been acknowledged. One of projects that I was working on, spanned 3 different companies (due to transitions). But ACS has considered only the employment duration of the last company among the three. As a result only 2.5 yrs of my employment is acknowledged, though I have 6.3 yrs in total. Could someone please help me understand how exactly is ACS assessing work experience and if I am eligible for applying for 189 visa. - Jana
  21. Hi all I am doing my skills assesment as a Computer and Network Systems Engineer (263111), as I dont have many qualifications I am doing a RPL for the ACS. I have completed everything up to the question : 3. Describe the design method you used on this project and the rationale for its selection. The project reports I have done are essentially a network/domain migration and datacentre design and build, however I am stumped by this question. Can anyone supply me with some advice as to what options I should consider for this answer? What design method might one use to design and build a Bladcentre (Vmware), SAN based datacentre? thanks Rich.
  22. paramjeet

    RPL assessment help !

    I have over 10 years of experience in ICT mainly in web development and online marketing but do not have an ICT related qualification. I have to get an RPL assessment done before I can apply for any kind of immigrant visa. I checked the ACS website. There is a lot of information there but since I have a very diverse experience I'm not sure which skill code should I apply for. Any help and guidance will be much appreciated. I can share my resume if required. Also, if there are any recommended MARA agents who can guide and assist me in RPL assessment application, it will be great!
  23. Hi, I have filled ACS (RPL) under - ICT Systems Test Engineer. Wanted to check if anyone else has filled under this occupation. If yes, have they received their results as I am still waiting its going to be 2 months. Would be great if someone could share there experience. Best Regards, Avi
  24. Hi This is my first post here. I'm a developer programmer with 16 years o experience. I didn't complete the graduation, though. I'm planing to assess my skills and work experience through RPL. So, I can get 10 points for the skills and 10 for 8 years plus experience. Next year I'll get a degree in a closely related area, so I can assess the degree with ACS and update my skills on skillselect and get 15 points in place of ten points from RPL. Am I right? Any thoughts? I'm worried about the work experience, am I going to face any trouble? Is DIAC going to consider my experience as skilled? Thanks in advance!
  25. Guest

    ACS documentation checklist?

    Hi there, can some one help me with the document check list for ACS RPL application? -Vineel