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Found 437 results

  1. Not sure if anyone has experienced this or can help. I’ve been trying for 3 weeks now to submit my skills assessment with ACS but every time I go to do it it says ‘it looks like you’ve already started an application, please log in or email Us if you think it’s a mistake’. I’ve emailed 3 weeks ago, and I’m already signed in to my account. So no idea what’s happening but I’ve not heard anything back from ACS apart from the automated we’ve received your email.
  2. Hello, I want to know if ACS calls the employer to verify details? I have not informed my manager about the migration as it's too soon. Requested the letter stating correspondence degree. I'm planning to inform him after a few months.
  3. Hi all, I have a query regarding my ACS skill assessment. I am a software engineer with 7.2 years experience currently in Sydney. But my bachelors degree is in Civil Engineering and masters in structural engineering from India. I am trying to apply for NSW 190 visa, for which I need to go for skill assessment. I was been told by my friends that I need to go for RPL (recognition of prior learning) as work experience is not related to my education. Is this correct? If so, will my education qualifications will also be assessed by ACS? Please let me know your advise on this. Thanks in advance.
  4. Navakanth

    ACS Skills Assessment

    Hi all, I have a query regarding my ACS skill assessment. I am a software engineer with 7.2 years experience currently in Sydney. But my bachelors degree is in Civil Engineering and masters in structural engineering from India. I am trying to apply for NSW 190 visa, for which I need to go for skill assessment. I was been told by my friends that I need to go for RPL (recognition of prior learning) as work experience is not related to my education. Is this correct? If so, will my education qualifications will also be assessed by ACS? Please let me know your advise on this. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all, I got my skills assessment (ACS) done three months ago and by that time I only had 9 months of experience in Australia. But, I completed my one year of experience in Australia last week, for which I can claim 5 points for my PR application. Now, should I go for a new assessment to claim this 5 points? What if I get invited by the state (190) before the new assessment result is issued? Thank you Thiva
  6. harora33

    ACS Skills Assessment Query

    Hello Everyone, I have a question about my situation....I am a Canadian Cyber Security Specialist and am interested in migrating to Australia. I have looked at having my education and work experience assessed by ACS but I am a bit confused as to the best approach. I have a four-year Bachelor's Degree in Electronics and Communication (2008), followed by a two year fast-track Advanced Diploma in Computer Systems Technology - Networking (2012). In between these qualifications, between 2008 and 2010 respectively, I worked as a technical support engineer (1year) and a lecturer (4 months). As you guys will be aware, the nature of IT is very dynamic, with IT professionals responding to rapid advances/changes in technology through upskilling/moving laterally across platforms as demand for certain areas within IT changes over time. This is acutely reflected in the move to Cloud and resulting increase in demand for Security Professionals over the past 5 years. My career has thus far progressed from networking into security and my experience consists of the following: Systems Engineer (ANZSCO Code 263111 - Length of experience: 4 months) Network Analyst (ANZSCO Code 263113 - Length of experience: 2.5 years) Network Administrator (ANZSCO Code 263112 - Length of experience: 1 year) Security Analyst/Engineer (ANZSCO Code 262112 - Length of experience: 3 years) From my reading, I would apply to the ACS to be assessed under "Skill" as an ICT Security Specialist. If so, will my other IT experience count towards meeting the "Skill Level Requirement Date"? Could I be deemed as starting from August 2017, or, even worse, be seen as not having the relevant academic background (it is only in the last 5 years that solely security-based IT courses have begun to be offered by third-level institutions) and instead need to apply under RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)? Is there a way that my experience, particularly in the area of networking, can be recognised and counted by the ACS? Combined, I have over 8 years experience. I want to ensure that my application to the ACS can result in the most favourable outcome possible, particularly in relation to my work experience. I would greatly appreciate any guidance you guys can give me. Thanks in advance,
  7. Hi Everyone, Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are currently looking at a 482 Visa mid - long term for a 261313 job Role. My partner has 10 years experience in computer development, and while he holds a diploma it’s not in computing. I’m wondering if we manage to find a job that will sponsor him will he still need to go through the ACS skilled assessment? I also understand that with sponsorship you’re tied into a contact to work for an employer for an amount of time does anyone know how long this is? I’m also trying to see if there are regions we cannot work in as on the 491 visa I know you can’t work in big cities (which is where the work would be for us) Sorry for all the questions, I’m getting a fried brain! Thank you.
  8. Hi, I applied for a skills assessment with ASC and had all of my experience marked as "Not Assessable Due to Insufficient Documentation". 10 years as a software developer and 4 years as an agile coach. I asked for feedback as I am not using an agent I did this myself (which I regret now) "An employer reference letter/third party statutory declaration (along with supporting documentation) which details your duties is mandatory for every employment episode for the skills assessment." In the UK employer references tend to be brief (salary, job title and duration) all of my previous employers said this is the only format they provide this information in. How do people get around this? Do I need to ask an ex colleague to write a Statutory Declaration in front of a Notary as it really seems like overkill. Thanks in advance, Alan
  9. Hi All, What's the current timeline for ACS assessment. PS: my previous assessment in expired now, Can this impact my assessment timeline as the education documents and employer references were already processed earlier.
  10. Hi all, My old positive ACS assessment which was for Software Engineer 261313 is now expired. Meanwhile, I have got 482 TSS and currently working in Australia and while lodging the application for 482 the consultant lodged my profile as ICT BA 261111. Now, I want to again apply for ACS, please let me know for which code shall I again apply. ICT BA or SE? Question2: if now I apply for ACS with BA code then can ACS change my previous exp or skill from SE to BA. I will get points for SE or BA in-case I apply for 189/190. Also, My employer is going to provide sponsorship for 186 ENS visa and for that I should have an active assessment. Please let me know what will be the result of my assessment if I can re-apply for assessment and change the code.
  11. Hi All, I'm new here.:wubclub: I just need some help regarding my ACS assessment. I have both bachelors and masters in IT and planing to get myself assessed as ICT Business Analyst - 261111. I have five years experience in Telco domain, but there's a bit of a problem with my designation, it goes as Product Development Executive but my day today job tasks involve the tasks as explained in both ABS and ACS sites. My queries; I can get a letter from my employer but my designation will be Product Development Executive will it be a problem for ACS? When I write this letter do I have to mention about the individual project I have carried out like most programmers and software engineers does? Problem is when it comes to programmers they can say that they used different technologies & programming languages for each and every project, but I don't really undrstand how to go to that minute level & is it really necessary for this BA ANZSCO? Highly appreciate your feedback & hoping this thread would be useful for future applicants going to take a similar route :wubclub:
  12. Hi everyone, I recently applied for a skills assessment through ACS under ANZSCO Code 261111 (ICT Business Analyst). The result was; "The following qualification does not meet the ACS suitability criteria: Your Bachelor of Arts in Graphic and Digital Design from University of Greenwich completed June 2015 has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with insufficient computing content and therefore does not meet the requirements of the ACS as stated in the policy manual." They didn't assess all of my work experience due to insufficient evidence, but based on the ones they approved, I think they need letter-headed references for all of them, which I can get. (I had a really bad visa agent experience, so no advice had been given to do this, they didn't even tell me I needed to certify my documents!) I'm really confused at the outcome, as my degree was Graphic and Digital Design, there was a ton of IT content, we had to learn how to use lots of software and most of our work was digital. Is this something I could successfully appeal? I have 4 years experience, so getting a Major in ICT content is ideal. Any advice would be appreciated!
  13. Hi Guyz I have done BSIT and MSC in Computer Science along with 12 years of Experience. Applied in ACS. I got a reply from them that my qualifications are not suitable with AQF so advised to submit RPL and Additional 200AUD. I did and got a positive result. But from 12 years only 3.8 years experienced accepted. Now i am confused what to do. I am predicting that i got only 5 points for experience, 30 points of age, 5 points for states total 40 points. Please correct me if i am wrong. Please advice me what to do. To get 20 more points i need to score 8 in all 4 modules of IELTS or any other way is also there?? ACS report doesnt say about qualification. Only experience details are mentioned I am just thinking what qualification have to be selected in EOI? Shuld i select MSC although it is not recognised? Does RPL reports give some points? But no info is mentioned about RPL in acceptence letter? Waiting for your kind advices
  14. Dear All, I am new here, I will submit for skill accessment to ACS for 26111, Business Analyst code. Can you please guide if ACS will consider my experience for this ANZSCO code with following reference letter ? This is to confirm the following information, in respect of the service and experience of the Employee named below at xxxx : Employee Name:xxxx Employee ID: Date of Joining Date of Relieving Projects Participated: Integration testing and support Roles and Responsibilities : · Software quality assurance and customer support engineer. Work related to xxxx software and its integration with other software like xxxx. · Participate in test planning and scheduling activities · Create,review and update test plans · Execute test plans and report bugs/error using in-house tools and track them to closure. · Carry out verification and validation of software before release. · Analyse support request from customers, interact with stake holders and resolve the support request using appropriate internal process, tool and mechanism including escalation across teams. · Document and share knowledge acquired while carrying out the QA and customer support activities.
  15. What are the requirements for a Masters Program to count points on Skilled Visa subclass 189? I am thinking about going to a masters program in Melbourne for both career enhancement and to improve my points by the end of it. My assessment institution is ACS, the professional association for IT.
  16. Dear All, Attached a template that i am going use for as reference letter. I will put all my duties and projects detail and then will send to employer, expecting they will review and sign it. Kindly take a look and let me know if it will serve the purpose. I would really appreciate your comments and please highlight if you find any errors. Besides, i have few queries : 1) Do we really need to write salary in reference letter? 2) I did few projects for Govt organization that i don't want to mention Company name. Is it ok to write project name something like "Govement Organization - Network and Security Project"? 3) can i use the same format for all employer? Regards RamCis Employer Reference _ template.doc Employer Reference _ template.doc
  17. Hi all, I intend to apply for ACS Skills Assessment under the ICT Business Analyst category. Following are my details: Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications Masters in Telecommunications 4.5 years of genuine BA exp under the title Business Systems Analyst with a Telecom software vendor Questions: - I am not very sure if my education qualifies as ICT related. Where and how do i find this out? - I was told, for a non-ICT degree I would need 6 yrs of relevant exp before I apply for assessment. Is this true? Any suggestions would be great. In the mean I am trying to understand the info on the ACS website. Cheers
  18. When i started my career i had only 12 Grade College Certificate. I am a self-taught guy and I have 15 Years of experience in Application Development, and I recently completed my “Associate Degree in Web Design and Development” which is equivalent to AQF Diploma 10 points, my confusion is if I go with RPL route with “No Tertiary Education” am I going to get 10 points for my post experience Education which I completed recently? Because if i am not eligible to claim my recently awarded degree points than in that case my points will drop down to 65 which are not sufficient i guess. I have read in other posts that people who got their degrees prior to their professional experience but insufficient relevant content they went for a points test advice from Vetassess, and they claimed their education points. But my case is different because i recently completed my degree. Please advise
  19. Hi Everyone, I am interested in applying for a 189 Visa for ICT Security Specialist. I have 4 years experience in the ICT Security field and I am CISSP qualified. Unfortunately I do not have a degree which means I do not have enough experience to get a positive skills assessment from ACS. My question is: Does anybody know if ACS recognise CISSP as an ICT qualification and what experience would be needed to gain a positive skills assessment if they do? Thanks! Jack
  20. Hi Guys, I have got a work experience letter from my UK employer which only mentioned working "full time and *not working hours per week*. Will ACS accept this letter or the hours must be mentioned? Appreciate your response.
  21. Hi, I have been a creaper on the forums for a while now but I cant seem to find any information to verify what I am trying to do and hope someone can help! Me and my partner are applying for skilled migration through me as a Systems Analyst (she is a marketing specialist but thats not on the list anymore) I previously held a 457 as a Systems Analyst until last year when family sickness meant we had to come home, we now want to go back with a skilled visa(PR.) The biggest problem I have is my age and lack of any formal qualification, I can lose 8 years of my experience via an ACS RPL skills assessment as I will still obtain points for 5-7 years experience in the UK (I have 13 years 5 months in the UK total) and 1-2 years in Australia. However, I really need ACS to award points for a qualification (10) to get the 70 required for Systems Analyst. My points are below: Age 35 - 25 English (superior) - 20 (still need to take the test) Experience outside Aus 5-7 years (With 8 years deducted by ACS) - 10 Experience in Aus 1-2 years - 5 Qualifications - ? 10 ? I have looked into a company called SkillsSelect who can provide me with a Australian Diploma in Information Technology via RPL based on my experience, will ACS allow this to be used for qualification points? As the diploma will be post experience, should I submit it with the skills assessment and they will use the 8 years as well as also approve the diploma for use as qualification points OR should I be submitting the diploma separately? I have an ALevel(2001) in Information Technology and an MCTS certificate from Microsoft(June 2013) but I am told these cannot be counted for either the ACS skills assessment or for the qualification points does anyone have experience with this? I am not currently working but if I dont get an invitation in the next 5 months I will need to start working again to keep the points. How do I get that experience verified as it wont be on my skills assessment? Sorry for all the questions but thanks in advance if anyone can help!
  22. Hi I have recently submitted my EOI for ICT Business Analysis on the 189 Visa. All good I have the 60 points, but have recently learnt that they are only inviting for 70 points and above. I have only submitted with RPL from ACS, but was wondering if I could do a certification and get an extra 10 points? My question is really what level of certification can I claim the secondary level education for? Do I need a Bachelors? or would a BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice at practitioner level suffice? Or do I need to do the full BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis? What do they mean by secondary level education? Thanks, Kate
  23. Hello, I'm currently in the process of working toward a PR visa & part of this is completion of an Australian Computer Society (ACS) RPL.. Now, I've looked online & can see (for obvious & understood reasons) that people aren't keen to 'share' their work. I re-iterate, I understand the reasons around this... That said, all I would really like (if at all possible) is if anyone who has been through this process could perhaps give me an idea of what layout of information they used as I really have no clue where to begin with this! Ironically, I suppose this is as I work in IT & not the writing industry i.e did you use bullet points for example? I'm pretty sure I'll be ok with the project reports, but the remainder of detailing how I know about x y & z seems to have me at a writers block stage... Appreciate any & all advice/tips anyone can give & thanks in advance
  24. Hi, We had our RPL done by ACS. However, there is no mention of educational qualification in the assessment. This is for a mechanical engineer, applying for IT job as experienced in IT. Do we have to get our education assessed by someone? Does anyone have any experience on this? Thanks
  25. Hey guys,does anyone knows how long would it take for ACS to finish the assessment? for me now it shows that my application is "With Assessor", I don't really what that means, and it says" Please note that the whole application process takes approximately 6-8 weeks", which is really LONG LONG time.BR,