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  1. Hello to all, I'm a Australian Permanent Resident, migrated to Australia couple of months ago. I'm in the middle of applying visa for my partner (309/100). Can someone share the sample of Personal statement (like social aspect, Financial aspect etc). 2nd thing related to Affidavit, do we need to show affidavit from my partner's friend also and can be my friends make the statement from Pakistan. My English is not that Perfect so please don't mind.
  2. Kashif45

    190 Visas Lodged - March/April 2017 batch

    I'm waiting since 8 June 2017. Last contact with co on 4th Nov via email.
  3. Kashif45

    190 Visas Lodged - March/April 2017 batch

    Yeap, I'm thinking to apply ASAP when I gets there and if it took long then I might for a tourist visa for them. What do you say? Plus, as co confirm about my son in the email, do you think my case is near and ready to finalize?
  4. Kashif45

    190 Visas Lodged - March/April 2017 batch

    Hi Maggie, Thanks for your reply I'm fully aware of the fees and time for the partner's visa (309/100) but I've some personal issue so that I can't able to include them at this points. Can you please confirm the fees again, as what I've know and read it is 7000$?
  5. Kashif45

    190 Visas Lodged - March/April 2017 batch

    Hi Guys I've lodged a 190 visa (NSW) on 8 June 2017 then 21 June co contacted for additional documents and family's medical,PCC, which was provided on 1 August. There was completely slience till Nov 5 in which CO sent me an email asking a question whether or not my baby traveling with me? I replied to them on the same day that as mentioned in visa application my son and wife are non-migrating members. Therefore they're not migrating with me at this point of time. I will apply separately for their visa in future. Till now again silence and don't know what's taking them to finalised my application. Any thoughts guys?
  6. Does the Sponsor has to be in Australia for specific period of time before applying for his spouse's visa or he can sponsor anytime when he lands to OZ?
  7. Does the Sponsor has to be in Australia for specific period of Time or he can sponsor his spouse whenever he gets there?
  8. Hi to all I've a query regarding the interview, does the interview only happens in English? What if someone can't speak English?
  9. Kashif45

    Successful Skill Assessment

    Thank you very much
  10. Kashif45

    Successful Skill Assessment

    Can you tell me about the Pay slip which you send to them, is it the whole years or Ist , Middle and last month of working with each employer? What if i can't able to bring my previous company pay slip ?
  11. Kashif45

    Successful Skill Assessment

    Congratulation Osfarooq, Can you share what are the document youu submit with your application.
  12. Kashif45

    Need Help

    I'll send my document next year in February for assessment. I want to apply under Motor Mechanic.